Faculty Senate Library Committee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    January 25, 2012




Present:   Nicholas Wonder (Co-Chair), Stan Goto (Co-Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Brian Bingham, Doug Clark, Gabe Gossett, Jamie Hamilton, Jeff Purdue, Carol Janson, Rick Osen (ex officio), Rob Galbraith (ex-officio)

Absent:    Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Cara Jaye                        Minutes:  Connie Mallison  


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for Nov 16, 2011 were unanimously approved with no abstentions.

III.         Announcements / Constituents Concerns:  

Ø  A concerned was raised regarding whether the Libraries should be hiring a Director of Heritage Resources when so many Library staff & faculty positions have been eliminated.  The Dean explained that recruiting for this position is important because (a) it’s helping to fill a vacant faculty position (retired Head of Special Collections), (b) it’s following the suggested organizational plan for the Libraries set out in the Consultant’s Report, and (c) it fills a specialized skills set that the Libraries currently doesn’t have but needs to manage our Heritage Resources group.

Ø  Rick Osen welcomed Carol Janson, who is filling in for Cara Jaye during Winter and Spring Quarters.  Cara will return for Fall Quarter.


IV.          Reports:

a)     Dean’s Update:

Ø  Strategic Planning Matrix:  Dean Cox gave an update and explanation of the Libraries strategic planning process and goals he included on the university-wide Strategic Planning Matrix.  The main goals listed for the Libraries are: 1) Information Literacy being included in GURs; 2) Wilson Library Renovation; 3) Structural upgrades to WL and HH for the Learning Commons; 4) Sustainable Acquisitions Funding; 5) Digital Archives; 6) Continued Collaboration with Whatcom County Libraries.

The Dean said he would send out the link to the university’s Strategic Planning Matrix so members could review it.

Ø  Minor Capital Proposals:  Rick Osen and Dean Cox outlined the proposal they submitted for the Libraries: 1) upgrades to the Armory for off-site storage; 2) Upgrades to the north door Wilson entrance area and to the Reading Room; 3) Create new meeting room for presentations.

Ø  Student Tech Fee Proposals:  The Libraries has submitted two tech fee proposals:  1) a mobile laptop, projector & screen installed on a cart, to be used in the Learning Commons; 2) upgraded access to JStor databases.  This request would pay for the one-time start-up fees, then the Libraries would take over the annual maintenance payments (which are much smaller).  This will more than double the amount of access to JStor databases which the Library currently maintains. The Dean said feedback on all proposals is currently being requested and he encouraged members to send in their emails.  He will forward the link to these proposals that was sent out earlier this week.

Ø  Baskets for Books:  The Dean said this joint fundraising project with the Athletics Dept is now underway, but they’ve had a slow response from donors.  He encouraged members to check this out at the next basketball game and please donate if they can.

b)    Faculty Senate Update: There is no update because there is still no Faculty Senate Rep for the Libraries.



V.            Discussion:

a)   Student & Faculty Survey Proposal – Rick Osen

Rick Osen led a discussion of the library assessment survey which will be sent out soon to all faculty.  He explained that this survey was fashioned after one used by the UW Libraries, and that we plan to follow their pattern of survey assessment as well, which is;  1st year - LibQual survey. 2nd year - In-House survey, and 3rd year this faculty survey.

They discussed how to roll this out in order to get the best possible response from faculty. Rick noted that the data collected will only be useful with a good faculty response rate.  He suggested, and members agreed, that each SLC member would send the survey out to their college, using the attached draft cover letter.  Rick and Jeff  Purdue will send it out to the colleges that aren’t currently represented on the committee.  Rick will send this out to members by email tomorrow morning and would like them to forward it on to their respective colleges asap that morning.  The deadline for responses to be received back is Friday, February 3rd, so it’s important that this be sent out immediately once members receive it.

c)     Demand-Driven Acquisitions, Subscription Update – Jeff Purdue

Jeff Purdue handed out the Fall Quarter statistics for the Libraries Demand-Driven Acquisitions pilot, along with a list of stats on the cost per use for journals from the Elsevier database.  Members asked how the average cost per item compared with previous years.  Jeff said previous statistics were only kept on an annual basis so there’s no way to exactly compare. However, he pointed out that if the current purchasing trends continue, it will probably be a lower cost per use.  Jeff said he is currently updating all of the journal package statistics and hopes to have them finished by next week.

Members discussed the issues in cutting subscriptions to low-use journals that have a huge cost-per-use and replacing them with journals that have a better/lower cost-per-use. They discussed one specific example where two journal series had only 4 uses over a year and cost the Libraries $5,604 cost-per-use. The Libraries could have paid $88 through ILL document delivery for access to those same journals. 

Jeff noted that some departments are reluctant to give up their database access to some of these high cost-per-use journals.  It was suggested that if Jeff receives concerns arising from the faculty on possible subscription cuts, he should forward these to the individual SLC member representing that college so they can have input on the concern as well.

d)    Establishing a  Faculty Fund for Library Excellence – Dean Cox

Dean Cox handed out a copy of an article announcing the establishment of the UW’s Faculty Fund for Library Excellence.  The Dean said this fund was established to help support their library and asked members if they thought this was something that could be promoted here.  After a short discussion, members voted unanimously to support endorsing a Faculty Fund for Library Excellence  at WWU, and to present this idea to the Faculty Senate for their consideration.

It was also suggested that Associate Dean, Michael Lorenzen, attend a SLC meeting in the spring to give an update on fundraising for the Libraries.  Connie Mallison will put this on a future agenda.

e)     Orbis Cascade Initiatives – Tabled to next meeting




      Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.