Faculty Senate Library Committee

January 5, 2011




Present:  Chris Cox (ex-officio), Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre (Chair), Jeanne Freeman (Vice-Chair), Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Margaret Fast, Brian Bingham, , Doug Clark, Rob Galbraith (for Frank Roberts)

Absent:    Frank Roberts (ex-officio), Jake Swanke, Cristina de Almeida, Kathryn Anderson, Stan Goto

Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for November 17, 2010 were approved as written.

III.         Announcements: None

IV.        Action Items:    

a)   SLC Future Agenda Items:  A list of possible future agenda items was distributed to members by Dean Cox.  Members discussed adding to this list and also prioritizing these items.  It was decided to hold further discussion on this topic later in the meeting.


V.            Reports:

a)   Dean’s Update

      LibQual Summit:  The Libraries will be hosting a LibQual Summit to get faculty and students to discuss the survey’s contradictory results and what direction the Libraries should be headed.          A tentative date of Feb 22nd has been set, with a start time in either the afternoon or early evening.

      Library Space:  Dean Cox told members there are still a lot of ‘library space’ questions being discussed, such as moving the Tutoring Center over and renovating the Reading Room..  Francis Halle will be facilitating another discussion soon with the Libraries’ personnel regarding use of Library space.

      A question was raised regarding what will be happening to the Map Library materials.  Dean Cox said they are currently trying to find the best space to house these materials, and are considering WL 1, although no deadline has been set for moving them.

      Digital Archive:  The Provost is putting together a ‘cross-campus’ Digital Archives Committee to determine the framework for creating a Digital Archive for WWU, i.e. what it should look like and what should be included (or not included).  Members suggested that this committee should have a representative from SLC serving on it as well.


b)   Faculty Senate Update:  Ron Helms said Francis Halle gave his Space Planning presentation to the FS at their last meeting.  Due to a full agenda, there was only a brief comment period.

c)   SLC Charge Update:  The revised SLC Charge has not yet been approved by the FS.  Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre has been trying to find out when the Charge will be put on the agenda but has not been able to get an answer.  Ron Helms said he will contact Scott Pearce to find out if a date has been set, and if not, ask to have it added to the next meeting’s agenda.


VI.          Discussion

a)   SLC Liaison ‘Point of Contact’ Letter:  Members discussed the draft introductory letter presented by the ad-hoc committee.  The SLC will send this out to Department Chairs in an effort to establish better communication with campus faculty.  It was agreed to add language which mentions the Libraries’ new Diversity Resident Librarian after the Dean gave an explanation of her role at the Libraries. The committee will re-write the letter and bring the revised draft to the next meeting.


b)   Topics for Future SLC Discussion Members discussed the various topics included on the list and it was pointed out that, although these would be important to the Libraries, only a few would actually be considered a priority to the departments on campus, and those priorities would vary depending on the college. 

      A question was raised about the relevance of the ‘Viking Village’ item listed and what its role is on campus.  After a brief discussion, Dean Cox said he would ask Andrea Peterson, the Libraries’ Director of Library IT, to come to the next meeting (or future meeting) and give her presentation on Viking Village.

      A request was made to add ‘Heritage Resources’ to this list Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre asked members to please take this list away with them and prioritize/rank each item according to whether it is “High, Medium, Low” priority, or “No Priority”.  Please return responses to Rae Lynn by next Wednesday, January 12, 2011.  These will then be discussed when Jeanne, Rae Lynn and the Dean meet next Thursday to determine the next agenda items.

      A request was made for the Dean to provide the faculty’s LibQual Survey responses.  Dean Cox will send this out to Jeanne Freeman.

c)   Reading Room Field Trip:  It was suggested that this item be postponed until after the agenda items list priorities has been established.



Ø  Items suggested for the next meeting were: (1) finalize the draft introductory letter; (2) discuss the priorities of the agenda items listed; Andrea Peterson’s presentation.



Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 4:54 p.m.