Faculty Senate Library Committee

October 20, 2010





Present:  Ron Helms (Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Jeanne Freeman, Nicholas Wonder, Margaret Fast, Stan Goto, Brian Bingham, Cristina de Almeida, Kathryn Anderson, Doug Clark, John Farquhar (attending for Frank Roberts)

Absent:    Frank Roberts (ex-officio)                 

Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, R. Helms at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for May 19th and June 2nd, 2010, were tabled due to lack of voting quorum. Both sets of minutes will be sent out by email for an email vote.

III.         Announcements: Welcomed new members: Stan Goto, Cristina de Almeida, Brian Bingham, Kathryn Anderson and Doug Clark. 

IV.         Action Items: 

Ø  Election of Chair: After a brief discussion, it was proposed to nominate both Jeanne Freeman and Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre to work together as co-Chairs for the Senate Library Committee this coming year.  The motion was made and seconded to nominate Jeanne and Rae Lynn as co-Chairs, and the vote was unanimous in approval.  Ron Helms will check with the Faculty Senate to be sure that having co-chairs is acceptable within their rules.

V.          Dean’s Update: 

Ø  The Libraries staff worked all summer in making a major shift of books and journals.  Books now follow in call number sequence, on the 3rd through 5th floors of Wilson, which makes them much easier to find. Journals are now all located on the 3rd floor of Haggard Hall.

Ø  Faculty and staff worked on various projects over the summer to help implement parts of our Strategic Plan.  At Staff Development Day, a joint workshop was held to re-write the Libraries Mission Statement as well.

Ø  The Libraries is moving ahead with its long-range goal of creating a Learning Commons on the main floors of Wilson and Haggard Hall.  The Writing Center and TLA have become a permanent part of the Libraries, and the Tutoring Center is holding evening hours on the second floor of Wilson as well.  Also, ATUS has opened up a new computer lab in HH233, new audio/video rooms and more student services on second floor of Haggard Hall.

Ø  The new Zoe’s Bookside Café opened up in WL279 in September to rave reviews and has been ‘packed’ with students and faculty since opening day.    

Ø  The Dean met today with the NWCCU accreditor, who was here on an interim evaluation visit, to determine if the Libraries had made substantial progress in addressing the concerns raised during the last accreditation review two years ago.  The meeting went well and the accreditor seemed to be very pleased with the Libraries’ strategic planning process that was implemented and the new assessment processes put in place as well.

Ø  The Libraries is planning to have a follow-up faculty and student ‘Summit’ to discuss the results of the LibQual survey that was conducted during last spring quarter.  The responses from faculty and students varied greatly so it will be interesting to have both ‘sides’ discuss the issues they raised.  Members asked about conducting a more ‘local’ survey to address specific WWU Libraries’ issues and faculty/student needs.  The Dean said this could probably be done and might be a good project for SLC to help work on.






VI.           Discussion:

Members decided to begin with item (c) under “Discussion” instead of following the agenda set up.

c)   Review Expectations for Senate Library Committee for 2010-11

Copies of the current SLC Charge were handed out.  Members discussed how the Charge could be improved, strengthened. Ron Helms reported that the Faculty Senate is recommending that all FS standing committees to review their committee Charges, with a view to including the idea of ’ faculty shared governance’.  He pointed out that the current SLC Charge does not embrace this process.

Members agreed to have a  subcommittee write up a new draft Charge for the SLC and present it at the November 3rd meeting.  Subcommittee members are:  Ron Helms, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre and Jeanne Freeman; Margaret Fast and Kathryn Anderson.

Other topics/concerns for 2010/11discussed were:

Ø  The Dean’s vision for this committee – is an advisory role and as a liaison to the rest of campus.  Members should be sharing information with their colleges from SLC meetings but also should be bringing pertinent issues back to SLC from their faculty.  This process needs to be improved.

Ø  Transparency in communication: Information / issues discussed at meetings should not be ‘confidential’.  Members should be able to take information discussed at SLC meetings back to their departments to be discussed further.

Ø  Setting meeting agendas – agendas should be primarily set by the members.  Agenda items should come from the committee and the Dean but the Dean should not be setting the entire agendas.

Ø  Members planned to have more discussion on what this committee should be doing, how to better share information with departments, how can the committee become more active in helping the Libraries, and what library issues it should be tackling.  They also would like to receive insight from the Faculty Senate on what they think FS Standing Committees should be doing.

Ø  It was noted that having productive meetings is difficult when they only last an hour, especially now that there are several more members.  At the next meeting, the idea of setting up more meeting times during the year and/or possibly hold longer meetings will be discussed.

The two agenda items not discussed, (a) and (b), were tabled until the next meeting.


Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.