approved 10/17/12

Faculty Senate Library Committee

October 3, 2012



Present:   Stan Goto (Co-Chair), Rick Osen (ex-officio), Mark Springer, James Inverarity, Brooke Love, Hilary Schwandt
Absent:    Cara Jaye,  Doug Clark,  Gabe Gossett, Rob Galbraith (ex-officio)
Minutes:  Connie Mallison 



Rick handed out two documents: the first one outlined the Libraries acquisitions budget and funding strategy for 2012-13 and gave a brief explanation.  He pointed out that the amount to purchase books will more than double from what we were able to offer last year, and due to one-time funds from the Provost, we will be able to purchase$30,000 in ebooks.
The second handout was a draft of information that will be made available to campus faculty from the Interim Dean explaining this year’s acquisitions funding and providing several links to more information on purchasing books.  
Rick told members that this would be sent to them by email in the next couple of weeks and he asked that they forward it to their colleagues in the respective colleges.
Members discussed how the Orbis Cascade Alliance initiatives and its Summit program have further opened up access to information and materials.  They also discussed how the expansion of electronic resources continues to transform access to information and publications.  The Libraries are interested in engaging faculty about changes in academic publishing models, including such topics as copyright issues and publishing through open access.  Rick has met with Kathleen Kitto about partnering to assist faculty with funding and other issues involved with open access publishing.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm