Faculty Senate Library Committee

November 2, 2011




Present:   Nicholas Wonder (Chair), Stan Goto (co-Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Brian Bingham, Doug Clark, Cara Jaye, Gabe Gossett, Rick Osen (ex officio), Jeff Purdue (ex-officio), Jamie Hamilton

Absent:    Rob Galbraith (ex-officio)                                          Minutes:  Connie Mallison


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for Oct 19, 2011 were approved as written..

III.         Announcements / Constituents Concerns:  

Ø  Members welcomed Jamie Hamilton, an AS Senator, who will be the SLC student representative for this academic year.


IV.          Reports:

a)     Dean’s Update:

Ø  Chris Cox recently attended two conferences: Educause in Philadelphia, PA and the Fall Conference of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, in Portland, OR.  He will be sending out reports on these conferences shortly.

Ø  The Libraries will be receiving about $9,000 to $10,000 from Steve Vanderstaay, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.  This will be used to purchase much needed new furniture for the TLA area.

b)    Faculty Senate Update: No update because the committee does not yet have a Senate representative. 

V.            Discussion:

a)   Provost’s Digital Archives Initiative: 

Ø  The Dean confirmed that the Provost has approved the draft Charge for the committee that would be created to work on this initiative. The committee has not been set up yet because they were considering whether the SLC should be doing the initial work instead of a separate committee to do the research.

Ø  Members felt that before money is spent on setting up a Digital Archives, we need to know if there is enough interest and buy-in from campus faculty. The idea was to have the new committee do this research.  However, members suggested that Library faculty could work on gathering this information first, then a ‘higher level’ cross-campus committee could review their findings and determine whether to go forward with the initiative.

Ø  It was suggested that after the information is compiled by Library staff/faculty, the SLC could then disseminate it to campus faculty and get feedback.  Members felt it was important to make it clear to the faculty that this initiative would be funded by the Provost’s Office and not by the Libraries.

Ø  The Dean will speak with the Provost about moving forward with this plan.

c)     SLC Priorities List:

Ø  Members discussed a list of proposed topics for the SLC for 2011-12 handed out by Stan Goto. These included Collection & Assessment, Digital Repository, Renovations, and Education and Communications, along with proposed actions and timelines.  It was agreed that the most important function of this committee is to disseminate information from the Libraries to departments across campus.



Ø  The Dean told members that the Request to Recruit for the Libraries Heritage Resources Director position should be approved this week and then advertising will go out.  ACTION: The Dean will send out the position description to members as soon as it’s approved.

d)    Planning for the Senate Presentation

Ø  Members discussed the list of questions for the presentation to the Faculty Senate sent over from their president, Karen Stout.  Jeff Purdue gave an preview of the presentation he was working on and said this would cover the answers to most of the questions from Karen.

Ø  Comparisons were shown between WWU Libraries and our peers vs research libraries, with the point being made that we have never been considered a ‘Research 1’  library or funded as one. Although we spend the same percentage of our budget on acquisitions as UW (36%), they spend $250 per FTE and we spend $151 per FTE because they are funded at the much higher ‘R-1’ rate.  However, we have cut substantially less in acquisitions than the 20% cut by UW.

Ø  The presentation will also show how the Libraries funding is divided up between acquisitions, personnel and operations, and where the cuts have been made over the past three years.  Jeff said he also wants to show how access to resources has actually increased in the past couple of years, and assure everyone that we are committed to getting the materials students and faculty want  – we just need to be able to manage how we get them in order to maximize cost savings.

Ø  It was suggested to explain the distinctions between ILL and Summit because this is often a point of confusion for some faculty members. 

Ø  ACTION:  Jeff will send out the PowerPoint slides before he attends the Faculty Senate meeting later this afternoon.  Dean Cox asked member to please attend if their schedules allowed.


d)   Update – Subscription Cuts

Ø  Jeff gave a brief update on his work to gather the cost-usage data on subscriptions. He said he should have something ready to send out to members soon.  This will also include usage on standing orders for books because these are actually subscriptions as well.



      Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


      Next Meeting:  Nov 16th  @ 4 p.m.