Faculty Senate Library Committee

February 2, 2011




Present:  Chris Cox (ex-officio), Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre (Chair), Jeanne Freeman (Vice-Chair), Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Margaret Fast, Doug Clark, Rob Galbraith (for Frank Roberts), Stan Goto, Rick Osen

Absent:    Frank Roberts (ex-officio), Cristina de Almeida, Kathryn Anderson, Brian Bingham

Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for January 19, 2011 were approved (with one spelling correction).

III.         Announcements:  None; however, it was suggested that ‘Constituents Concerns’ be added to the agenda with this announcements section to align more with the FS agenda style.  Members agreed to this change. 

A concern was then raised: some faculty members told Jeanne they would like to see scholarly journals added to the Daylight Lounge to make them more easily accessible in that area.  The Dean pointed out that scholarly journals were moved out of that area when it was remodeled, at the students’ request. This allowed for additional seating in there as well.  Also, there are now about 50 scholarly journals on display on the 3rd floor of Haggard Hall so they are easier to find.  Members thought this would be a good discussion question to include at the LibQual Summit; Dean Cox will ask that it be added.

IV.        Action Items:    

a)   Feedback from SLC Liaison Memo:  Members said feedback is beginning to come in, although a bit slowly from some departments.  A list can be compiled later of all the contact names.


V.            Reports:

a)   Dean’s Update

Ø  The Libraries is working with Orbis Cascade on the Alliance Threshold project.  This pilot project will provide a system that will show how many members in the Alliance have already purchased a given book so a determination can be made whether if it would be better to buy another copy  or borrow the book from another member institution. 

Ø  There are two committees currently working on ideas for ways to save money and to develop efficiencies in the Libraries.

Ø  Space planning for the Libraries is still being developed.  Ideas will be brought to the SLC prior to be announced to the public.

Ø  Members suggested that the Dean notify them when he posts to his blog. There was brief discussion on ways to do this; Dean Cox will look into it with the Libraries IT staff.


b)   Faculty Senate Update:  Jeanne gave a presentation to the FS on the proposed revisions for the SLC Charge.  Rae Lynn will attend the next FS meeting when a vote will be taken on this proposal.  There was a short discussion regarding the changes to the Charge.


VI.          Discussion:

a)   LibQual Summit Update:  The Libraries sent out 47 invitations to faculty, students and administrators to attend the LibQual Summit: “Building the Library of the Future.”  So far the response has been poor:  14 have responded and only 6 of those replied ‘Yes’. Members discussed ideas on how to get a better response, and agreed that a reminder email should be sent out to all those who have not yet responded. It was also suggested to ask those who can’t attend to recommend someone else in their area who might be interested in attending.



b)   History of Acquisitions Allocations:  Nick Wonder, Ron Helms and Rick Osen gave a brief overview on the history of the acquisition allocations process / formula.  It was noted that when this was originally established back in 1987, things were much different at the university. 

Ø  There were no databases or internet (print journals only), no disciplines and researching styles were very different.

Ø  After the original process was set up in 1987, it was slightly revised in a published handbook in 1992.  Since that time, several groups have tried to change it to better adapt to today’s needs but were unsuccessful because changes always created new ‘winners & losers’ in the allocations amounts.

Ø  Over time, using this allocations process has caused the Libraries to lose all flexibility to adapt to changing needs in acquisitions funding. For example, in order to deal with journal subscriptions for the various departments, the money has to be split up into 45 separate funds.

Ø  Due to the same journals being used/needed by several different departments, a subscription cannot be cut by one department to save money because the cut will affect other departments.

      After discussion, it was suggested that the SLC should create a White Paper for the campus faculty to explain not only this history, but also the acquisitions needs of the Library and the campus today, what changes should be proposed to meet those needs, and how those changed could be implemented.  Explanation of the problems with the ‘status quo’ should be given along with the changing demands created by emerging technology. 

      Rae Lynn will write up a draft outline of what this paper might look like and include and bring it to the next meeting for discussion.



Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.