Faculty Senate Library Committee

February 29, 2012




Present:   Nicholas Wonder (Co-Chair), Stan Goto (Co-Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Doug Clark, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Jeff Purdue, Gabe Gossett, Brian Bingham, Carol Janson, Rick Osen (ex officio), Jamie Hamilton

Absent:    Rob Galbraith (ex-officio), Cara Jaye                                     Minutes:  Connie Mallison  


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for Feb 15, 2012 were unanimously approved with no abstentions.

III.         Announcements / Constituents Concerns:  

Ø  Rick Osen said that the search committee has invited 5 candidates to campus to interview for the position of Library Director of Heritage Resources.  The committee is planning to have the candidates each give an ‘open presentation’ so interested campus faculty can attend.  Rick will send out the CVs and candidate itineraries to SLC members by email.


IV.          Reports:

a)     Dean’s Update:

Ø  The Provost has promised to provide the Libraries with $30K for e-book pilot project purchases.  So far the Alliance e-book project has been very successful with the participating members so it will be proposing a major increase, up to $900K from the whole group.

Ø  Extended Education has promised the Libraries $10,000 to go toward the pilot project of streaming academic films online.  This will allow more access to Distance Ed students as these could be streamed through Blackboard.  Dean Cox will provide the links to SLC members once they become available.

Ø  The Libraries has received two large, individual donations of $20K each to be used for digitization projects.  Part of this money will go toward the Western Front digitization project.

Ø  The Dean sent the ‘Faculty Funding for Library Excellence’ proposal to the Faculty Senate Executive Board and asked them to provide feedback on it.  He should have an answer by the next meeting.

b)    Faculty Senate Update: There is no update because there is still no Faculty Senate Rep for the Libraries.


V.            Discussion (items ‘a’ & ‘b’ were changed from agenda)

a)    Faculty Survey Results Update Rick Osen thanked members for helping to get faculty in their departments to submit responses to the Libraries resource survey.  266 responses were received which is much better than the response to the LibQual survey run last year.  Rick provided a handout which gave some preliminary numbers for individual colleges, and said that a narrative analysis of all the numbers should be ready to send out in a couple of weeks.  Rick will send out this material by email as soon as it has been completed.

b)    Update on Plan for Acquisitions Reductions:  Jeff Purdue and Rick Osen gave an explanation of a handout showing the subscription spending by categories, for databases, journal packages, standing orders, etc.  They noted that the overall budget did not include book purchases – that subscriptions ate up almost the entire budget.  Books were purchased this year with some one-time funding from Library funds; next year this funding will have to come from the acquisitions budget which is why more cuts to the acquisitions budget is necessary.  It was also noted that our cost for ILL is higher than many of our peers because we don’t charge a fee or impose limits on the number of requests. The Libraries may have to look at this in the future as well

Members discussed how the Orbis Cascade Alliance DDA E-book pilot project works and Jeff noted that so far it has been very successful.  Jeff will be sending out a list of the 337 titles that the Alliance has purchased so far which are now available to our faculty & students. Access to the e-books is very easy; they can be accessed by almost any mobile device.  He also noted that we will be spending at least $40K toward this project, including money coming from the Provost.

c)    Redefining the Academic Library:  Dean Cox handed out an executive summary of the large report, “Redefining the Academic Library” and asked members to review this for discussion at the next SLC meeting.  He also announced that he has invited four guest speakers to come to the Libraries in May to speak to the issues in this report which will help inform our strategic planning process. Brown bag lunches are also being planned to discuss issues in the report. The Dean will be sending out more information about this in the near future.


      Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.