Faculty Senate Library Committee

April 4, 2012




Present:   Nicholas Wonder (Co-Chair), Stan Goto (Co-Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Doug Clark, Jeff Purdue,

Absent:    Gabe Gossett, Brian Bingham, Cara Jaye, Carol Janson, Rick Osen (ex officio), Rob Galbraith (ex-officio), Jamie Hamilton, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre (left shortly after the mtg started)            

Minutes:  Connie Mallison  


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Approval of minutes for Feb 29, 2012 was table to the next meeting due to not having quorum of members.

III.         Announcements / Constituents Concerns:  

  Rick Osen received the President�s Exceptional Efforts Award at last week�s Staff & Faculty Awards ceremony.  Well done Rick!


IV.          Reports:

a)     Dean�s Update:

  The Libraries has been notified that we will receive two STF awards.  One, for $28,000, is to cover the one-time start-up costs in purchasing several new J-Store journal packages.  The Libraries will cover the annual costs for these purchases.  The other award is $3,000 to purchase a portable projector and screen which will be used in the Learning Commons.

  A Libraries �Student Resources Survey� is being planned and should go out soon � before the quarter ends.  This survey will be similar to the Faculty Resources survey that was just recently completed.

  The UPRC is talking a final look at the building project proposals.  The Library renovation has moved way down the list and is now about # 9.  It was pointed out by members that the Wilson Library building is very old and outdated and in serious need of renovation.

  The Libraries� Scholarly Communications Task Force is planning a series of campus-wide presentations, especially for campus faculty, each Tuesday from mid-April to mid-May. Connie Mallison or Gabe Gossett will send out more details to members shortly.

b)    Faculty Senate Update: There is no update because there is still no Faculty Senate Rep for the Libraries.


V.            Discussion:

a)    Redefining the Academic Library:   The Dean told members he has arranged for four guest speakers to come to campus in May to discuss some of the specific issues which were raised in the report, Redefining the Academic Library.  The speakers are looking to engage the campus faculty in a dialog about these issues.  Videos will be made of each presentation and links will be made available so those who can�t make the actual presentation, will still be able to view it later. The Dean said he�s hoping to get faculty feedback which will help inform the direction of the Libraries strategic planning process.  The guest speakers invited to campus are:

  May 2nd � Doug Way, from Grand Valley State University, will speak on �The Shifting Nature of Academic Library Collections: How Library Collections & the Role of Academic Libraries are Changing�.  Grand Valley was named the 2012 winner of the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award for their innovative work in this area.

  May 9th � John Popko, University Librarian at Seattle University, will present on �The 21st Century Library: Transforming Learning and Building Community�.  Mr. Popko lead the university through the decade long creation of a world-class academic facility � the Lemieux and McGoldrick Learning Commons.

  May 16th � John Helmer, Executive Director of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, will speak on �The Northwest Academic Libraries: Leaders in Vision, Innovation, and Collaboration. Mr. Helmer was just awarded the 2012 High C. Atkinson Memorial Award for outstanding accomplishments in library automation and management.

  May 23rd � Betsy Wilson, Dean of University Libraries at University of Washington, will talk about �Collaboration, Connections and Convergence:  New Roles for Librarians in Higher Education�.  Ms. Wilson was named the Academic/Research Librarian of the Year� in 2007.

Members discussed ways to encourage campus faculty to attend and how best to follow up on these discussions.  It was suggested that the Libraries use �Share Point� to advertise, and also that the Dean should visit department faculty meetings as a way to follow up on.  It was also suggested that the Dean send out specific topics for his discussion ahead of these visits as well as any relevant documents.  Dean Cox will also send out a blog providing details of each of these events and will work with the department chairs to set up visits to as many faculty meetings as possible.

b)    Update Acquisitions Reductions:  Jeff Purdue discussed the draft FY13 acquisitions funding proposal. He pointed out that firm orders will be paid for with one-time funds again next year but that will probably be the last time.

Members discussed what factors, other than �cost per use� should be used in weighing the decisions made to cut journal subscriptions.  They also discussed data contained in a handout prepared by Jeff but he asked that the information contained in this handout be held in confidence until it was finalized and ready to be distributed to the public. He confirmed that  it should be ready soon, and he�s hoping to have the final draft ready to be discussed at the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm