Approved 5/31/12


Faculty Senate Library Committee

April 8 2012




Present:   Nicholas Wonder (Co-Chair), Stan Goto (Co-Chair), Rick Osen (ex officio), Doug Clark, Jeff Purdue,  Carol Janson,
Absent:    Chris Cox (ex-officio),Gabe Gossett, Brian Bingham, Cara Jaye, Rob Galbraith (ex-officio), Jamie Hamilton, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
Minutes:  Connie Mallison  

  • Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.
  • Minutes:  Members could not approve the minutes for April 4th, 2012 due to not having quorum of members.  It was agreed that Connie Mallison would set up and send out a ‘vote by email’ to approve the minutes tomorrow.
  •       Announcements / Constituents Concerns:  
  • Rick Osen said there should be an announcement next week regarding the outcome of the recent search for a Director of Heritage Resources.


  • Reports:
  • Dean’s Update – by Rick Osen on behalf of Dean Cox:
  • The Libraries has sent out a student survey, targeting juniors and above, including graduate students.  It contains questions similar to those sent in the recent faculty survey. Rick handed out a summary of results ‘to date’ to the 10 questions asked, and noted the breakdown of results will be between graduate and non-graduate students, not by college.  Results and narrative will again be provided; also a comparison of the results from the faculty survey and student survey will be provided as well.
  • They have received over 700 responses from the faculty survey – much better than last year’s response to the LibQual survey.  Rick will send out the narrative which accompanies the faculty survey results right away, and apologized for not getting it sent sooner.
  • ATUS and the ATC is looking into how often campus computer labs (including the Libraries’ labs) are being used, to determine whether use is dropping, increasing or otherwise changing.
  • The Scholarly Communications Task Force presentations will continue on Tuesdays through mid-May in WL268.  A handout listing the dates and presentation titles was provided.
  • May Guest Speakers Update:  Members briefly discussed the upcoming guest speakers coming to campus on four consecutive weeks in May to give presentations on “Redefining the Academic Library.”  Members suggested that a Q&A period should be provided in their presentations to give faculty a chance to ask questions about the issues and discuss the relevance of these changes to our Libraries.
  • Discussion:
        • Acquisition Budget Reduction Proposal:   

Members discussed a revised document, presented by Jeff Purdue, on the FY13 acquisitions funding strategy proposal, which includes proposed reduction targets for standing orders, print-only subscriptions, single title subscriptions and citation/abstract only databases. It also included planned new expenditures which include the Alliance e-book program and additional JSTOR databases.  He also handed out a sample spreadsheet of data on single journal titles and standing order titles which are targeted to be cut due to very low usage. 
Jeff said this information, including the full list of titles and a narrative, will be sent out shortly to the faculty for their feedback. Members discussed what the parameters should be for this process.
Rick and Jeff suggested that each member should send this information out by email to the faculty in their college and ask for feedback to be sent directly back to them.
Members will then gather the feedback and forward it to Jeff (combined in one email, not separate emails) and he will compile it for review at the next SLC meeting (which will probably be May 30th since SLC members will be attending the ‘guest presentations’ from May 2nd through 23rd). Compelling arguments for keeping a title will certainly be considered, although members should remind faculty that titles listed to be cut will still be available through ILL. Also, they should point out that ‘print only’ titles are easy to get and often free through ILL and articles are free through ILL.
Jeff will make a final list of proposed titles to be cut and this, along with the proposed funding strategy information will be sent to members by email with an explanation of the process. Members will then forward this to their faculty for their review. He is hoping to have this packet ready to send by the end of the week to allow time for faculty review and feedback.  It was also noted that this information will all be compiled on a Library webpage and a link to that page will be provided in the email to faculty.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm