Faculty Senate Library Committee

May 11, 2011



Present: Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre (Chair), Jeanne  Freeman (Vice Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Stan Goto, Rick Osen, Margaret Fast, Cristina de Almeida, Kathryn Anderson, Rob Galbraith (for Frank Roberts), Andrew Merklinghaus, Roger Anderson


Absent: Brian Bingham, Doug Clark, Frank Roberts (ex-officio)


Guests: Jeff Purdue


Minutes:  Jeanne Freeman


I.                    Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 4:02pm.


II.                  Minutes: No minutes were approved or discussed at this meeting.


III.                Announcements/Constituent Concerns:


a.       LibQual Summit Report: Several faculty from the History department, who were in attendance at the LibQual Summit, have expressed concern about the findings that were released from the Summit and the general direction that the Library is heading. As per our recommendation, the Dean of Libraries, Chris Cox, will extend an invitation to these faculty to meet with the CHSS representative to SLC, the Dean of Libraries, the SLC student representative, Carmen Werder, and Margaret Fast to discuss these constituent concerns.

b.      Map Library Movement: Concern has been raised by Huxley College regarding the issue of moving the Map Library. Earlier this year, the Dean of Libraries, Chris Cox, and Huxley had devised a plan to move part of the Map Library to WL 170 with the remaining staying in storage in Arntzen Hall. At this time, it looks that the WL 170 space is being considered as a new location for Copy Services and the Arntzen Hall location will be used to expand food services. SLC members unanimously agreed to craft a letter to be sent to various campus leaders expressing the negative impacts of such a change on the academic need and viability of the Map Library.

c.       Allocation Funding Concerns: Over the last few weeks, several constituents from various colleges have raised concerns about the allocation changes being made in the library. In response to these concerns, Jeff Purdue has produced a FAQ that will be distributed to SLC members and put on the Library website in the next couple of weeks.


IV.                Reports:

a.       Dean’s Update: Nothing reported.

b.      Faculty Senate Update: Ron Helms reported that there are some things occurring in Faculty Senate that may be relevant to SLC, but nothing specific has come about. He will keep the committee updated when they do.

c.       Library Fundraising Committee: Stan Goto presented some ideas that have been discussed on this committee about a possible revision of the Library website to include a location for donors to make gifts to the Library. There is also discussion occurring about strategies to solicit donors.

d.      Faculty Fund: Dean Cox presented that other institutions, such as University of Washington, have opportunities for faculty and staff to make donations specifically to the library to expand their collections. Dean Cox will present more about this idea at a future time.


V.                  Discussion & Action Items:

a.       SLC members for 2011-2012 term: Jeanne Freeman reported that she would solicit names for SLC members from Faculty Senate, AS, CFPA, CST, and Woodring. The college representatives for CFPA, CST, and Woodring will hold the position on SLC for 2 years (2011-2013) while the Faculty Senate and AS representatives will be for one year.

b.      Updated FAQ: Jeff Purdue presented an updated FAQ document regarding the allocation changes occurring in the Libraries. SLC feedback was provided regarding additional inclusions and formatting recommendations.

c.       Acquisitions Plan – Next Steps: Estimates were provided to SLC about possible amounts to be cut and how the funding will be impacted based on the 7% reduction scenario all campus bodies were asked to prepare for earlier this year. SLC members requested that most of the information presented with this plan be included in the FAQ.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:03pm.