Faculty Senate Library Committee

May 19, 2010




Present:  Ron Helms (Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Jeff Purdue, Nicholas Wonder, Margaret Fast, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre

Absent:    Shawn Knabb, Frank Roberts (ex-officio), Jeanne Freeman          Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison

Guests:    Peter Smith, Jeanne Armstrong


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, R. Helms at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for April 7th and May 5th were approved as written with one abstention.

III.         Announcements:

IV.         New SLC Charge Approved:  The updated SLC Charge has been approved by the Faculty Senate so the committee will start receiving new members this coming Fall Quarter.  Ron Helms noted that a committee �voting issue� was raised by the Senate: due to the large size of CSSH, they may (and currently do) have more than one member serving on the SLC.  Since there should now only be one vote per college/unit, the two CSSH members will have to vote as one or else one person will have to abstain.

It was also noted by members that since there are already two members from CSSH serving on the SLC until 2012 (Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre and Jeanne Freeman), there would be no space for Johann Neem to serve until their terms have expired because he also represents the same college.

V.          Action Items:  None


VI.           Discussion:


a)   Digital Asset Task Force Survey:  The Libraries� Digital Assets Task Force; Peter Smith, Jeanne Armstrong, Margaret Fast (and Paul Piper who did not attend), led a discussion on a survey they�ve created and will be sending out by �Survey Monkey� to faculty across campus. They plan to gather information on faculty interest in creating an Institutional Repository (or Archive) as well as other possible digital services the library may be able to offer.  A hard copy of the survey was handed out and discussed.  Library Liaisons are also supposed to be sending this survey out to their departments, although it was noted by some members that they had not yet seen the survey.

      The Task Force has also created a Library Guides webpage, found through the Library�s homepage, entitled �Western Research Repository�.  This page provides information on Institutional Repositories that have been started at other universities, ideas for starting one here at WWU, information as well as a link to the taped Open Forum given by digital resources consultant, Marisa Ramirez, on campus recently.  Members asked the Task Group if they could put a link to their survey on the webpage to provide easier access.  They agreed to do this right away and would let the Library Liaisons know about the new link.

      The group discussed various ideas of what projects / materials could be included in a repository if one was started here and these ranged from taped events & speeches to scholarship work, to research papers and projects.  Points raised were:

  Who would decide what content would be included?  Members agreed that criteria would need to be set up in order to control the quality of the information being included, especially where research is concerned. The Dean said right now only published works would qualify to be included in a repository and that he would want faculty to have input on the quality of their students� works prior to them being added.

  There currently isn�t any funding available for start-up of a repository.  This task force group is just gathering information on campus interest � and so far the feedback has been very positive.

  There will be NO funding of this project at the expense of the acquisitions budget; the Dean made this point very clear.

  Orbis Cascade is currently looking into creating a digital repository for all Alliance members.  If they decide to move forward with this, we could possibly link up with their software when creating our repository.

  There is currently a bill working its way through Congress which would mandate that all college research should be made accessible through digitization.  Although it may not pass, this shows the level of interest in this type of archive collection across the country.

  Results of the survey will be published over the summer.  If there�s enough interest expressed, then a new task force will be formed to determine the actual cost of such a project, write up a proposal and present this to the administration.


VII.         Reports:

a)   Dean�s Update: 

Building Projects Update:

  Special Collections held their Grand Re-Opening at their new 6th floor location last week. The President and Provost both attended as well as many from on and off campus, including several major donors.

  Work on the new computer lab in HH233 is on-going; they are planning to be finished by the beginning of Summer Quarter.

  Work on renovating WL279 is moving forward. The caf� will no longer be an Einstein�s Bagels though due to a conflict with Sodexho over their menu.  Instead, Sodexho has arranged to have the caf� provided through local businesses such as the Bagelry and Tony�s Coffee.  Sodexho and the Libraries have just announced an �naming contest� to come up with a name for the caf�.  The winner will receive $500 in Munch Money.

Budget Hearings / Capital Initiatives:

  The Dean announced that, following the budget planning hearings, the acquisitions budget will not be cut this next year after all, although the libraries� faculty and staff position cuts will still stand.  The Provost was able to provide some one-time funding to help keep the acquisitions budget from being cut.

  The Libraries presented the following initiatives to the Provost: Information Literacy Program for Undergraduates, the Learning Commons, and the Digital Archives project.  The Dean pointed out that there won�t be any funding available for these in the foreseeable future. 

Events and Exhibits:

  The Libraries have been extremely busy with several events happening every week lately.  Some included the Compass to Campus reception, the Back to Bellingham reception, the Center for Service Learning Showcase and the Scholars Week Poster Session.

  A photography class and an art class are each currently displaying their class projects in the library.  The photography exhibit has raised a few complaints due to some questionable content.

Assistant Dean for Collections & Technology Search:

  The search committee is in the second round of reviewing applications; they are doing phone interviews this week and are hoping to bring 3 candidates to campus for full interviews within a couple of weeks.


NOTE: The Dean requested that part (b) under �Discussion� be tabled to the next meeting because he should have a draft report on this item by then.  Another possible topic: Reading Room Issues.


VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.