Faculty Senate Library Committee

June 2, 2010




Present:  Ron Helms (Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Jeff Purdue, Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Jeanne Freeman

Absent:    Shawn Knabb, Frank Roberts (ex-officio), Nicholas Wonder, Margaret Fast                 

Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.              Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, R. Helms at 4:05 p.m.

II.            Minutes:  Minutes for May 19th were tabled due to lack of quorum. Both sets of minutes will be sent out by email for an email vote.

III.         Announcements:

  Members reviewed Ron Helms� Year-end Summary of SLC activities which he recently presented to the Faculty Senate.

  The new SLC Charge has been approved by the Faculty Senate and is being implemented now so the SLC will have additional new members starting Fall Quarter. 

IV.         Action Items:  None

V.          Dean�s Update: 

  The Dean told members there were over 800 entries for the Wilson Library Caf� naming contest.  A committee is going through them and a winner should be named soon.

  The Libraries is currently hosting several different student art exhibits which are located in various parts of the libraries. 


VI.           Discussion:


a)   Re-visit by Accreditation Team in Fall

The Accreditation Team will be re-visiting the university in late October to review work being done on the issues they raised in their earlier Accreditation Report. The  Libraries has been working to address the �library issues� that were outlined in the university�s accreditation report.

  The Strategic Plan is now in place and is in the process of being implemented.

  Waiting for the university�s accreditation update report to come out in mid-Aug from VP Steven Vanderstaay; the libraries� response will be a small part of that report.

  A web presence is being created on the Libraries� website to provide updated information about where we are with assessment projects and implementing the strategic plan.

  Library Department Heads are submitting their annual reports now, focusing on work their departments have done toward implementing the Strategic Plan. The Dean will then write one consolidated report and submit to the Provost in June. 

  A General Staff meeting will be held in July to discuss what has been done so far in implementing the Strategic Plan and what goals need to be set for the next year�s work on it. The Libraries� Staff Development Day will then be held in early Sept and the goals will be finalized.

  The Libraries ran a LibQual Assessment Survey in Spring Quarter and the Dean gave a summary of the initial �raw-data� results.  A webpage is being created where these results will be posted.  A �LibQual Summit� is being planned for Fall Quarter. Staff, faculty & students will be invited to take part in a discussion of the survey findings, which includes variations in each group�s expectations and perceptions of the Libraries.

  Members agreed that a concerted effort needs to be made this coming year to get information out to the campus community about what services the Libraries actually offers.


b)   Implementing the Strategic Plan:

  Dean Cox handed out copies of the draft document, Western Libraries Strategic Plan Implementation � 2009/2010. This paper outlines what has been completed and what projects are underway for each goal of the Strategic Plan.

  Dean Cox outlined a planned re-structure of the Libraries books and journals which will take place over the summer quarter, using �one-time� funds from the Provost.  Books will be organized by call numbers in Wilson and journals will all be moved to the 3rd floor of Haggard Hall.  This should help make everything much easier to find.

  Members gave the following suggestions for the Implementation document:

         Change wording or give better definition to the words �Ongoing� and �Underway�.

         Add to pg 3, �Collections� � that �weeding� in Reference has already been done, and make collection weeding �ongoing� instead of �underway.

         Put Assessment and Fundraising upfront on first page to point out all that has been accomplished in these areas.  Dean Cox noted that these two items would be added to the �revised� Strategic Plan as well.

         Change bullet points into numbers; also change sentence structure to be the same throughout.  Currently there are some complete sentences and some half-sentences.

  Dean Cox said he will be evaluating what�s being worked on in the Libraries that is not part of the Strategic Plan, to determine why we are doing it, and should it be added to the Plan.


c)   Next Year�s Agenda Items:

  Goal for next year � Planning and evaluating, �how can the Libraries make clear that we are using data to inform our decisions for the Libraries.  Holding campus-wide Focus Groups could be one solution.

  Will elect Chair and set agenda items at first Fall Quarter meeting when new members are attending.


Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.