Social Justice & Equity Committee (SJEC)

Meets on Thursdays at least once per month at 11:30 am

TBD, Chair



SJEC will meet in different rooms across campus in order to facilitate access and enable attendance by the campus community. See below for meeting locations by date:

October 12, 2017: Morse Hall Chemistry Building, CB 275

November 9, 2017: Ross Engineering Technology Building, ET 209

December 7, 2017: Wilson Library, WL 268


Event: Campus-Wide Dialogue

Training: Oct 26, 12-5 pm, VU 565 AND Oct 28, 10am-3pm, Squalicum Boathouse

Dialogue: Dec 5, location TBD

Roster of 2017-18 SJEC


The Social Justice & Equity Committee’s (SJEC) role is to engage faculty at Western Washington University in ongoing examination and reflection needed to make essential changes in the academic policies, practices, and behaviors that result in inequity, exclusion, and social injustices at WWU.

Specifically, the committee shall:

  • Assist the Faculty Senate by evaluating and advising on implications for campus diversity, equity, and social justice of actions proposed by the Senate and its standing committees.
  • Engage faculty
    • Create and implement opportunities in which faculty from across WWU's campus engage in meaningful interactions that allow for the active reflection and examination of academic policies, practicies, and behaviors that result in inequity, exclusion, and social injustices at WWU.
    • Create and implement opportunities for WWU faculty to engage in the work of promoting equity, inclusion and social justice at WWU and the surrounding communities.
  • Oversee the Diversity & Social Justice Grants Committee
    • Annually review and revise (as necessary) the focus, process, and committee membership.






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