Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Social Justice & Equity Committee 2017-18

(from Minutes) 

Trula Nicholas, Chair







 2017-18 SJEC Chair

Committee members discussed election of SJEC’s 2017-18 Chair. A motion to recommend appointing SJEC’s Chair for a 2-year term (forwarded by Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre and Seconded) was tabled. Trula Nicholas agreed to serve as interim Chair until SJEC elects a 2017-18 Chair.


Committee Structure 

A motion to adopt a three steward model where stewards report to the SJEC Chair (forwarded by Nabil Kamel and seconded) passed unanimously. Specific roles and responsibilities of the three stewards are to be determined at SJEC’s meeting of December 7, 2017


Election of 2017-18 SJEC Chair 

A motion to nominate Trula Nicholas (forwarded by Aric Mayer and seconded) as 2017-18 SJEC Chair passed. Nicholas was elected unanimously.



Divserity & Social Justice Award Committee Membership

A motion (forwarded by Nabil Kamel and seconded) to approve the membership of the 2017-18 Diversity & Social Justice Award Committee passed.

To Diversity & Social Justice Award Committee:
           At-Large: Todd Haskell, Psychology
           At-Large: Monique Kerman, Art & Art History
           At-Large: Tanveer Chawla, Engineering & Design  
           At-Large: Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Comm Studies
           At-Large: Andrew Brown, Fairhaven
           At-Large: Lucas Senger, MBA/Art & Art History