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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting October 14, 2002

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:04 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of September 30, 2002.  University President Karen Morse reported continued meetings this week with legislators to focus attention on Higher Education.  Morse continues pushing for support for faculty salaries.

§         Purdy addressed previous constituent concerns and reported that a medical savings plan might be on the horizon.

§         Morse and Kris Bulcroft confirmed that a noise simulation had been done and classes rescheduled to prevent noise interference during the Old Main restoration.

§         Kris Bulcroft reported that the General Education Task Force would distribute models with cost appraisals campus wide in the coming week.

§         New constituent concerns included the following questions:  what is the status of funds that were to provide guest speakers from the Pepsi concession; what are the limitations on faculty consulting; what policies exist regarding website links, academic freedom, and faculty and student liability when using politically oriented websites for research. 

§         A vote of the faculty by campus mail will follow a General Faculty Assembly on college restructuring to be held in Fraser 4 on 10/17/02 at 4 pm.

§         Senators also heard: a report on the activities of the Council of Faculty Representatives, scheduled to meet on campus in November; a suggestion on forming an ad hoc committee to review handbook language on “ombudsman”; and suggestions on improving the status of Limited Term Faculty.

§         The meeting adjourned at 5: 42 pm.



The Senate appointed the following faculty:   

To the Faculty Senate:

Michael Meehan, Computer Science, Fall Quarter replacement for M. Osborne

Niall O Murchu, Fairhaven College representative, 1-yr term

Academic Technology Committee

TJ Olney, Senate representative; Steve Ross, CBE; Steven Emory, Chemistry; Lucky Tedrow, Sociology; Mark Sherman, English; David Bover, Computer Science

Senate Legislative Committee – Jiang Long Wang, Communications, 3-yr term