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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting November 18, 2002

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:05 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of October 28, 2002 along with Standing Committee minutes.  President Morse reported she is currently in the process of reviewing all testimony on college restructuring.

§         Morse expressed optimism that the legislative capital budget proposal will continue to support Western.  Provost Bodman reported the Governors’ budget would be released December 17th. 

§         Purdy reported progress on constituent concerns, and reported that he is about to fill the last position on the Ad Hoc committee to review the “ombudsman” position at other universities.

§         Senators reported that the number of students asking to take exams in the testing center is expanding at an accelerating rate.  Members requested information on faculty legal rights once they have signed a paper permitting such testing.

§         Senators discussed websites that enable “quilting,” or patching together words from online sources for course papers, and recommended that the Academic Technology Committee consider the issues of plagiarism involved.

§         The Faculty Senate passed a motion to reject the current proposal on restructuring of the College of Arts and Sciences, with the understanding that this is not a rejection of change, nor of the concept of restructuring.  Senators conducted a vote by secret ballot with 11 in favor, 9 opposed, and 2 abstentions.

§         The meeting adjourned at 5: 44 pm.



The following vacancies exist on Senate Standing committees:

Committee on Grievance and Sanctions – one 3-yr term candidate from Fairhaven or Huxley.