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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting December 2, 2002

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:04 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of November 19, 2002 and Standing Committee minutes.  University President Karen Morse reported that the President’s Council approved a policy coming before the Senate for review, that meets Ethics Board standards on privacy and information access.

§         Provost Bodman reported he is currently arranging temporary offices and classrooms for faculty and students as a result of the fire in Fairhaven College.  Senators recommend precautionary inspection of facilities throughout the campus.

§         Senators heard Jerry Boles present state policy on email retention and learned that some email is retained for 18 months. Senators recommended harmonizing paper retention schedules with email retention.  Frequently asked questions about the state ethics laws and related case decisions can be viewed on the Ethics Board website. 

§         Senators heard David Brunnemer, Office of Student Life, report on disability resources for students in the exam-proctoring program.  Brunnemer recommended that faculty who wish to challenge such accommodation call him immediately upon receipt of paperwork.  Brunnemer offered to make student patterns of learning disabilities information available to faculty.

§         Andrew Bodman presented Senators with a recap of the process on the proposal for College Restructuring.  Senators  recommended increased focus on teaching and scholarship, and further discussion of proposals that provide alternative models for the lessening of barriers between colleges. 

§         President John Purdy wished Senators Happy Holidays, and thanked them for participation on the Senate this quarter.  The Senate meets again January 13th.

§         The meeting adjourned at 6:18 pm.