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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting January 13, 2003

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:03 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of December 2, 2002 and Standing Committee minutes.  University President Karen Morse pointed out the beneficial media support for Higher Education in the State in a recent series in the PI. 

§         Provost Bodman reported a first version of the Governor’s budget that provides a set of “priorities of government” that includes Higher Education.  The budget introduces no new taxes to close the $2 billion budget hole, and proposes a 5% cut in operational support (below the 2002-03 appropriated level applied to entire university support) and 2.5% cut to the non-instructional budget.  Bodman reported this as a $9.2 million cut collectively over the biennium.  The Governor proposes in part to offset the cut with tuition authority up to 9% for all categories of tuition, with broader local authority on any category except resident tuition.

§         Although currently no salary increases are contained in the budget Bodman suggested the budget cuts could have been much worse.

§         Bodman reported he is currently in process of preparing for the 5-year accreditation review, with external reviewers coming to campus, perhaps in April.

§         Constituent concerns included a request to propose Handbook language to revise the evaluation process for first-year, probationary faculty.

§         President Purdy facilitated a discussion on Faculty Governance.  Morse asked for clear lines of communication and understanding, and a mechanism for bringing disagreements to the forefront.  Senators discussed how to further elicit faculty participation and asked the administration to include faculty very early in future decision making.  The Executive Council will undertake to formulate action items for consideration to the Senate: to facilitate communication, engagement in positive discourse, and full participation in the decision-making processes on GER reform, tenure and promotion, allocation of resources and other governance issues.

§         The meeting adjourned at 6:04 p.m.


Senators approved the 2003 schedule for nominating and electing faculty to the 2003-2004 Faculty Senate.

Appointed to the Faculty Senate:

Debra Salazar for James Loucky (Winter Quarter)

Leroy Plumlee for David Gilbertson (Winter Quarter)

Michael Meehan for James Hearne (Winter and Spring)

Appointed to Academic Technology Committee, John McLaughlin

Faculty Vacancies

Faculty Grievance Committee, one 3-year term

Salary and Welfare Committee (2-quarter replacement for Ira Hyman)

Senate Library Committee (2-quarters for James Hearne)

University Planning Council, 1 quarter for Carolyn Dale

Employee Training and Development Committee, 1-year term