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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting January 27, 2003

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:04 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of January 13, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.  University President Karen Morse and Bob Edie presented information published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer calling for firm support for higher education.

§         Bob Edie, Vice President, External Affairs, reviewed the highlights of the Governor’s draft budget, which does not include salary increases for salary or staff, and allows for a 9% tuition increase in each year of the biennium.  Edie noted that despite serious financial problems, attention to higher education in the State is much better than it has been for many years. 

§         President Purdy announced that a survey of limited-term faculty is currently in final stages of preparation by the University Planning Council. 

§         Senators reviewed semi-annual reports of Senate Standing committees, and discussed issues related to recruitment and retention allocations, special merit, general merit, and minimum and maximum salaries for faculty ranks, following a presentation by Paul Storer, Interim Chair, Salary and Welfare Committee.

§         Senators moved to amend the Faculty Handbook to return to a five-year review cycle rather than the three-year cycle currently in effect in response to an accreditation recommendation from the Commission on Colleges and Universities.

§         Senators reviewed proposed Handbook language to revise the section on first-year review of probationary faculty. The motion was tabled. 

§         President Purdy referred Senators to a discussion link on the Senate website for faculty input on shared governance issues at Western.  Academic chairs and program directors have been asked to open up time during meetings for faculty to air their concerns, and faculty are also invited to communicate directly with Senators and Senate officers.  Purdy reported that the Executive Council has included a line on the Senate agenda for an Executive Session in order for Senators to discuss sensitive issues for voting members.

§         The meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.


Appointed to the Senate Committee on Grievance and Sanctions:

Leo Bodensteiner, Huxley College (3-year term)

Faculty Vacancies

Academic Coordinating Commission, Senator (2 quarters for James Hearne)

Senate Library Committee (2 quarters for James Hearne)

University Planning Council, 1 quarter for Carolyn Dale

Employee Training and Development Committee, 1-year term