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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting March 10, 2003

§         John Purdy, 2002-2003 Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:05 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of February 24, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.  University President Karen Morse reported actively working on the Evans Gardner bill, as an essential economic package for the legislature this session.  Morse noted that the House Budget, written in large part by Helen Sommers and  not yet released, is favorable to Higher Education.  Morse directed Senators to a Sunday Times’ editorial by former governor Dan Evans on what needs to be done, now, for higher to meet the needs of the state in 2008.  Morse asked for faculty feedback on how campus websites are linked to the proposed revised Western website.

§         One Senator recommended the Senate follow the lead of the Academic Coordinating Commission in eliminating second readings.

§         The Senate moved to approve the 2004-2005 Contingency Plan brought forward from the University Planning Council.

§         Senators learned that the Executive Council is reviewing materials on shared governance returned from departments and individual faculty.

§         Senators moved into Executive Session and continued discussion on a petition calling for a faculty referendum. The Executive Council will prepare a letter identifying a course of action for the Senate to consider at its next meeting. The Senate returned to open session to adjourn at 6:10 pm.


SENATE ELECTIONS:  Faculty have been nominated from the following Areas:

A:  Michael Meehan, Jim Stewart, David Patrick

B:  James Loucky, 2 additional vacancies

C:  Joan Hoffman.  2 additional vacancies

D:  1 vacancy

E:  Thomas M. Goetzl.  1 additional vacancy

F:   1 vacancy

H:  Kris Slentz

Please consider being elected or running for the Senate.

Appointed to the Academic Coordinating Commission

James Inverarity, Sociology, (Senator) replacing James Hearne

Fred Grote, Psychology, replacing Charles Sylvester (Spring Quarter)

Grace Wang, Environmental Studies, replacing Nick Zaferatos (Spring Quarter)