ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting June 2, 2003

(with appointments and elections summaries)

         John Purdy, President Pro Tem called the first full 2003-04 Senate meeting to order at 4:05 pm. Senators approved the minutes of May 19, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.  President Morse reported she will get together with the Senate once the legislature finalizes the budget later this week. Morse defined HB 2111 which involves legislative and university commitment to contract fulfillment.  Morse reported on formation of two legislative committees: 1) strategic planning and 2) agreements between community colleges and 4-year institutions.   Morse also responded to questions on student enrollments and status of LTF. 

         Senators passed a resolution honoring John Purdy for his work as Senate President in the past year, and thanked outgoing members of the Executive Council.  James Loucky, 2003-04 President, invited Senators to consider several important questions on shared governance during the summer.

         Senators Chairs of Senate Standing Committees report on activities, and reviewed an extensive report with recommendations on Limited Term Faculty prepared by the University Planning Council.

         Senators passed motions: 1) to rebalance the Senate to 15 members each year; 2) to approve a revised Academic Technology Committee membership (2d vote).

         Senators heard constituent concerns regarding:  1) the approval process for Student Technology Fee grants, and 2) proposals for a parking rate increase to build a parking garage, and voted to adjourn at 5:47 pm.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS, Kristen Parris, Elections Officer

To the Faculty Senate: 

Fred Grote, Psychology, 1-yr term

Geoff Matthews, Computer Science, Fall Qtr

To the University Planning Council:

Marc Geisler, English, 1-yr term

Victor Nolet, Senate representative

To the Senate Library Committee

Kathleen Tomlonovic, Modern & Classical Languages, 3-yr term

Joan Hoffman, Senate representative

To the Academic Coordinating Commission

Thomas Downing, James Inverarity, Senate represenative

To the Academic Technology Committee

Matt Jordan, Senate representative



Faculty Grievance Committee (5)

Senate Legislative committee from UPC and ACC

Standing Committees of the Academic Coordinating Commission

Admissions Committee: 4

Assessment (CATL): 3

General Education Requirements: 3

Graduate Council: 2

Honors Board: 3


Faculty Development Grants: 4

Student Academic Grievance Board: 4 nominees, 2 are appointed

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