ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting October 13, 2003

§       James Loucky, Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of September 29, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.

§       President Karen Morse reported that HB 2111 was passed on university contracts with the State; the League of Education has commissioned a poll regarding a joint proposal to the legislature for a $731 million initiative for higher education.  Morse suggested we need to think “outside the box” on ways to keep the positive Western environment if targeted enrollment is increased in upcoming years.

§       Provost Bodman reported on fall enrollment figures of 11,995 fte (which will average downward to 11,500 over the year), with an incoming freshman class of 2218; and responded to Senators’ questions on diversity, retention, and state accountability.

§       Senators heard Associated Students (AS) president Paul Graves summarize the AS agenda for the coming year including online faculty evaluations, issues surrounding tuition affordability, and a revamping of the AS mission statement and structure.

§       A Senate Executive Council report presented mechanisms for increasing communication among faculty, including through FAST.

§       Constituent concerns included questions about responsibility for decisions regarding a Novell upgrade and tree structure which can have negative consequences; continuing ignoring of faculty voice in campus planning; and the perennial problem of bookstore short-ordering.

§       Senators cast a second vote to approve revisions to Bylaws 7.2, 7.3, 12, 13.3 and 14 (see FAST, October 8) which now move to the Board of Trustees.

§       Senators moved to table discussion on two motions on tenure and promotion brought by the Executive Council.

§       Senators moved into Executive Session at 5:45 pm and adjourned at 6:30 pm.


Appointments and Elections, Kristen Parris, Officer

To the Faculty Senate:  James Hearne, Computer Science, replacing Martin Osborne, Fall Quarter.