ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting October 27, 2003

§       James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:04 pm.  Senators approved the minutes of October 13, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.

§       President Karen Morse reported a productive discussion with the University Planning Council on the impact of potential enrollment increases.  Morse met with the Legislative leadership to discuss Western’s strategic master plan and the idea of a university compact, with the goal of preventing future budget cuts.

§       Provost Bodman reported that Senate leadership and the Provost’s Council met together for the first time with excellent results.  A working group of Deans and Senators (Jim Stewart and Tom Read) will draft tenure and promotion language.

§       Constituent concerns included:  request for update on replacement faculty positions; parking concerns for the communications building and the rec center; replacement of classrooms by the Arntzen Hall eatery; removal of a bus stop near classrooms in the PAC; improvement of bookstore ordering to meet faculty/student needs.

§       Senators considered issues related to faculty involvement across disciplines, and desireability of discussion with Deans as a step towards forming a task force. 

§       Senators discussed campus planning issues, including demise of a facilities committee, as well as need for faculty voice in issues regarding parking, attentiveness to a quality learning environment, and lack of public spaces for interaction.  Senators and President and Provost had lively exchange of questions and information about parameters for state building requirements, and the need for effective review of current procedures for faculty input. 

§       Senators adjourned at 6:44 pm.


Appointments and Elections, Kristen Parris, Officer

To the Senate Legislative Committee:  Jeff Newcomer, Engineering Technology, 1-yr term

To Academic Technology Committee:  Peter Smith, Library

Vacancies:  1 quarter replacement on the Faculty Senate