ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting November 10, 2003

§ James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators approved minutes of October 27, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.

§ President Karen Morse reported on the history of faculty participation in major capital projects, including predesign and design phases of new buildings.

§ Morse informed Senators about an upcoming invitation for campus discussion on Western’s options in the face of future enrollment pressure, and the need to continue to emphasize that a university education is far more than “job training.” 

§ Senators plan to monitor US HCR318, a proposed intellectual bill of rights currently before Congress.

§ Provost Andrew Bodman reported that the Faculty Senate President will join the Provost’s Council this week for discussions on tenure and promotion and professional leave eligibility. 

§ Bodman reported on his meeting with the HEC Board which is currently considering merging several State boards and assuming undefined fiscal authority.

§ Senators heard Robert Perks, textbook manager, explain costs associated with returning books to publishers and how sales history is the primary determinant of numbers of books ordered for classes.  He urged faculty to ask students early if they have purchased books, and outlined other developments for improving textbook availability.

§ A constituent requested additional sign postings on building evacuation procedures.

§ Senators passed a motion “that the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate establish an ad hoc Committee on Institutional Climate composed of eight faculty, broadly representative of the seven colleges and library, and at least one of whom is a Senator, charged to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate by the start of Spring Quarter 2004 on mechanisms for achieving continuing engagement of faculty on issues of climate, shared governance, and administrative accountability.” 

§ Senators adjourned at 6:05 pm.


Appointments and Elections, Kristen Parris, Officer

To the Faculty Senate (Fall Quarter replacement):  Chris Friday, History