ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting September 29, 2003

§       James Loucky, Senate President called the Senate meeting to order at 4:04 pm, and laid out action proposals for the upcoming year. Senators approved the minutes of June 3, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.  Provost Bodman reported that legislators are discussing a potential performance contract between the University and the State and promised progress reports to faculty on what might be entailed in terms of expectations, efficiency and support.

§       Bodman reported on the current Academic Affairs budget and a one-year deferment in hiring some tenure track positions.

§       Kristen Parris, Elections Officer, led a Senate vote of approval on nominees to Standing committees.  Bodman asked that additional faculty be appointed to the Student Academic Grievance Board. 

§       Constituent concerns pertained to offensive graffiti on campus; parking fees and policies during summer hours; tuition waivers for faculty members’ children; and pricing policies for the new Recreation Center. 

§       Senators approved Faculty Handbook language changes regarding appointments and elections, the Salary and Welfare Committee, and the Senate Legislative Committee.

§       Senators discussed a Board of Trustees’ request for a faculty committee on interdisciplinarity.

§       Senators adjourned at 5:45 pm



Faculty Handbook Revisions:  (deleted material struck-through, new underlined)

BL 12.1              Procedures.  The time, place, and manner of conducting elections is determined by the Elections committee Appointments and Elections Officer and approved by the voting members of the Faculty Senate (remainder unchanged)


BL13.3    (unchanged until last sentence) . . . . . .   Faculty Senate shall determine the question or questions to be voted on and state the same on the ballot, along with other necessary information, prior to directing the Elections Committee Appointments and Elections Officer to prepare the ballot and poll the Faculty.


BL14   Faculty Referendum

BL14.1    (1st sentence unchanged) . . . . .  The results of all referendums are reported by the Elections Committee Appointments and Elections Officer to the Faculty Senate, entered in the minutes at that point. . . .  (remainder unchanged)


BYLAW 7.3  Salary and Welfare Committee

BL.7.3.1             The Salary and Welfare Committee (unchanged)…. will elect a chair each spring after the appointment of new members.  to the committee  The Committee shall recommend to the Faculty Senate on matters of faculty salary, salary schedule, welfare and fringe benefits, including insurance options, within the biennial operations planning and budgeting decision process.


BL7.2.  Senate Legislative Committee

BL7.2.1              The Senate Legislative Committee shall consist of … (unchanged).  The term of office of the elected members shall be three years with one member to be elected in the Spring Quarter of each year.  Members shall be eligible for reelection.  If the representative from ACC, UPC or SWC also happens to be a three-year member of the Legislative Committee, the SLC position shall revert to at-large for that one year  in which he/she represents ACC, UPC or SWC,  in order to retain membership of seven. (remainder unchanged)