ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting January 12, 2004

James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:06 pm.  Senators approved minutes of November 24, 2003 and Standing Committee minutes.

University President Karen Morse shared her presentation before the Higher Education Performance Contracts Work Group, noting that if Western is selected to devise a pilot program it would be designed to help guarantee State funding while preserving our liberal arts mission.

Provost Bodman suggested that a contract might provide a framework for our relationship with the State and noted that one stop point included approval by the 2005 legislature.

Senators urged caution, in the face of pressure to move quickly, noting that the goal of greater autonomy might be jeopardized by potentially greater state oversight and insisting that a compact must exclude tinkering with academic content.  Senators recommended serious investigation of the pros and cons of a compact prototype, and asserted that the Senate has responsibility for selection of faculty members for a task force chaired by Bodman.

Morse reported that the Salary & Welfare Committee and the Senate Executive Council will both meet with the University Budget Advisory committee on the 2005/07 budget proposal.

Senators reviewed motions and nominated Michael Meehan, Janice Lapsansky and Thomas Read to revise Faculty Handbook language on limited term faculty.

Senators reviewed reports from Standing committees, including the Senate Legislative Committee. Todd Donovan and Jeff Newcomer invited faculty participation for Higher Education Day in Olympia on Monday, January 19th for the start of the legislative session.  Please contact for information.  Tom Downing reported that the Academic Coordinating Commission is progressing on its GUR recommendations and will review the science GURs next.

Senators adjourned at 5:53 pm.


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