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ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting February 23, 2009

     James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:01 pm.  Senators approved minutes of February 9, 2004 and Standing Committee minutes.

     President Loucky reported that faculty forums on growth/off-campus options as well as collective bargaining will occur in Spring, following United Faculty of Western Washington campus workshops scheduled for March 4th.  Loucky reported 100 attendees at the February 19th forum on civil liberties.

     Loucky announced Senate collaboration with Associated Students to develop a list of locations suitable for upgrading into shared learning spaces.  Faculty are urged to relay concerns to the Executive Council.

     Provost Bodman presented proposed state Senate and House figures for education, subject to compromise with the release of the governorís budget. 

     Provost Bodman reiterated his guarantee of $2 million for temporary faculty for 2004-05, and will bring recommendations based on Deansí requests to the next Senate meeting.

     Senators reviewed a presentation on the Arntzen Eatery scheduled for completion 10/04.

     Senators engaged Vice President George Pierce is an incisive discussion regarding implications of loss of significant parking space on campus, particularly for faculty who work substantial and varied schedules.  Questions whether there is meaningful faculty participation in key campus planning were strongly voiced.

     Senators unanimously passed a Resolution Regarding WWUís Commitment to Civil Liberties (partial text below).  Senators then passed a motion to forward the Resolution to the Board of Trustees for their consideration and possible endorsement, and voted to adjourn at 6:05 pm.

Appointments and Elections Officer, Kristen Parris:  Faculty are asked to consider running for the Senate during Spring elections.  Calendar:  The last two meetings of the Senate will take place on consecutive Mondays, May17th, and May 24th.



BE IT RESOLVED that Western Washington University will refrain, to the extent legally permissible, from cooperating in any way with federal activities that violate or threaten to violate constitutionally protected rights and activities of any members of the university community, including, but not limited to the following:

(1)      Monitoring of political or religious gatherings or activities by individuals exercising their First Amendment rights;

(2)      Monitoring of research or creative activity by faculty or students, or of course content or activity;

(3)      Monitoring of library or academic records, including student records, of any kind;

(4)      Complying with requests for nonconsensual release of student or faculty records;

(5)      Complying with requests for any information that would compromise the confidential attorney-client relationship.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that it shall be the policy of Western Washington University to instruct all personnel receiving requests or demands of any kind from Federal agencies to refer those requests or demands to the Assistant Attorney General for Western Washington University for review.

              BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Western Washington University, acting through

its administration and its faculty, will continue to do everything in its power to actively and deliberately foster the free inquiry and discussion, both public and private, which is so essential to its mission, especially when and where there may be attempts to suppress or inhibit, or indirectly to chill those freedoms.   

           - Passed by unanimous vote (1 abstention) of the Faculty Senate, 2/23/04


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