ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting March 8, 2004

     James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:05 pm.  Senators approved minutes of February 23, 2004 and Standing Committee minutes.

     President Loucky reported that Vice President Pierce is working on how to have parking spaces in various lots available for faculty only.

     Loucky added that the Senate Resolution on Civil Liberties is being reported in several media and reminded Senators that they can circulate it by accessing it through the Senate website at          

     President Morse and Provost Bodman are awaiting the budget release on March 11th.

     Senators considered a proposal for the distribution of retention and recruitment funds prepared by the Senate Executive Council following recommendations of the Salary & Welfare committee.  In a vote of 13 in favor, and 9 opposed, Senators passed a substitute motion that the $168,000 of funds would be given to the Provost to distribute in response to retention and recruitment requests from the Colleges. 

     Loucky commended the Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics and Professional Activity and its chair, John Purdy, for revised handbook language on the consulting policy.  Senators reviewed suggestions on language changes with Wendy Bohlke, and will forward comments to Loucky and the Senate office prior to the next meeting.  

     Senators moved into Executive Session at 5:51 p.m. and moved to adjourn at 6:16 p.m.


Appointments and Elections Officer, Kristen Parris:  Faculty are reminded that faculty nominations to the Senate are due FRIDAY, March 12th.   Following elections, faculty nominees are sought for Senate standing committees. The Senate meets again on April 5th