ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting April 19, 2004

     James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:06 pm.  Senators approved minutes of April 5, 2004, and Standing Committee minutes.

     Loucky called for comments on tenure and promotion recommendations s well as professional leave policy, prior to these issues coming to the floor at the next meeting.

     The Faculty Senate unanimously passed a joint resolution with Associated Students to support efforts to increase student voter participation and awareness of electoral issues.

     The Senate heard Lara Mann, new bookstore manager, elaborate on plans to increase faculty partnership with the bookstore. 

     President Morse reported the Board of Trustees endorsed a 2005 tuition rate increase for resident and non-resident undergraduates of 7% and graduates of 3%.

     Morse reported Board approval of a 2% salary increase for faculty and exempt staff, along with six new faculty positions.  Morse has no bearing on salaries of classified staff who are currently represented in negotiations by their Unions.

     Morse warned that unknowns surround the next biennium budget and invited faculty to participate in "luncheons with the President" to share their concerns.

     Senators voted to approve a Policy on Consulting and Other Compensated Professional Activities to replace Section XXII.B. (page 17) of the Faculty Handbook. 

     Senators moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.


Appointments and Elections Officer, Kristen Parris

       All Senators (including those whose term ends in 2004) are to attend the May 17 Senate meeting, at the close of which new Senators will be seated and election of officers held.

       Appointed to the Faculty Senate:  David Fewings, Finance & Marketing to replace TJ Olney.

       Senators approved the 2004-2005 meeting calendar.

       Faculty are urged to check the Senate website for area requirements and term lengths in order to volunteer for the following Standing Committee vacancies

Academic Coordinating Commission 5 faculty (2-yr terms), 2 Senate reps (1 yr)

Academic Technology Committee 5 faculty, 2-yr terms

University Planning Council 4 faculty, 3-year terms, one Senate rep (1 yr)

Senate Legislative Committee 1 faculty, 3-yr term

Senate Library Committee 2 faculty, 3-year terms

Committee on Grievance & Sanctions,  5  faculty, 3-yr terms