ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting May 17, 2004

·     James Loucky, Senate President, called the final meeting of the 2003-2004 Faculty Senate to order at 4:05 pm following Orientation of new Senators.  Senators approved minutes of May 3, 2004, and Standing Committee minutes.  

·     Loucky reported that the “Appeals” portion of the tenure and promotion revision to the Faculty Handbook passed at the May 3rd meeting has been withdrawn, and will be reconsidered in the Fall Quarter as a  result of suggestions by the assistant Attorney General.

·     President Morse reported that the members of waterfront committee asked for additional data, spoke to WWU’s niche, and the potentials for expansion in ways that add value to student/faculty experience, and made suggestions as to future presentations by Waterfront Futures and the Port of Bellingham.

·     Provost Bodman reported on the Compact Committee and its consideration of a HEC Board Plan to propose funding to universities based on outcomes rather than enrollment. 

·     Bodman is proposing an administrative position to work on legal questions surrounding high demand enrollment targets and legislative intent. 

·     Bodman responded to questions on the retroactive timetable for distribution of 2% raises for faculty as well as recruitment and retention funds.

·     Senators voted a second time to pass revisions to the Faculty Handbook regarding faculty serving as Chairs of Committees, and to create an ombuds position.

·     Senators passed a Professional Leave Policy (linked) brought forward as an Executive Council motion, with minor amendments.

·     Senators tabled a motion until the May 24th meeting on forming a committee to consider faculty-based administrative review.

·     The 2004-2005 Senate was seated with a postponement of the election of 2004-2005 Executive Officers and Standing committee appointments, pending recruitment.

·     Loucky thanked outgoing Senators, and reminded new and continuing Senators of the Senate Dinner on Monday May 24th at 6:15 in Smate.

·     The Senate moved to adjourn at 6:07 p.m.