ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting May 24, 2004

·       James Loucky, President Pro Tem, called the first meeting of the 2004-2005 Faculty Senate to order at 4:06 pm and took roll call.  Senators approved amended minutes of May 17, 2004, and Standing Committee minutes.  Semi-annual reports of Chairs of Standing Committees were accepted. 

·       Jim Stewart, President-elect led the Senate in a Resolution honoring James Loucky’s service as President, which passed unanimously by acclamation.   Loucky thanked Maya Tomlin for helping to strengthen Associated Students – Senate working relations.

·       Loucky reminded faculty to stay attentive to academic and campus policy decisions during the summer, and emphasized that campus and classroom planning processes require full faculty involvement.

·       President Morse assured the Senate that despite unfounded reports in the local newspaper, no decisions had been made regarding Western’s presence on the waterfront.  Provost Bodman reported on the deliberations of the Compact committee, and promised a full write-up to the Senate of its goals, funding levels, set of indicators, and report of regulatory environment.

·       Bodman reported that he has released funding for six faculty positions from last year and six new positions, and that he is awaiting internal budget information before reporting on all recaptured positions. 

·       Following extensive discussion, Senators unanimously passed a motion to establish an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations on faculty-generated evaluations of high-level administrators. 

·       Loucky thanked the President, Provost, Senate Executive Council, and continuing and recently “retired” Senators for good work toward achieving more effective shared governance.  The Senate moved into executive session at 5:33 and moved to adjourn at 6:01 p.m.




The 2004-2005 Senate elected the following officers: 

President: Jim Stewart, Physics/Astronomy (effective June 22, 2004)

Secretary:  Lorraine Kasprisin, Educational Foundations

Appointments & Elections Officer:  Jeff Newcomer, Engineering Technology

At-Large: Ira Hyman, Psychology

Interim Vice President:  David Patrick, Chemistry

Legislative Liaison:  Todd Donovan

James Loucky, President Pro Tem (until June 21)


Senators appointed:

Academic Coordinating Commission:  Jeff Newcomer

University Planning Council: Bertil Von Boer, Music

Academic Technology Committee: Michael Meehan, Computer Science

Others to ATC:  David Bover, Computer Science; and Steve Ross, Decision Science, 2-yr terms

Senate Legislative:  John Purdy,  English, 3-yr term

Salary and Welfare:  Sara Weir, Political Science, 4-yr term

Grievance and Sanctions:  John Purdy, English;  David Fewings, Finance & Marketing, 3-yr terms

Vacancies:  3 for Grievance and Sanctions,

Academic Coordinating Commission Standing Committees:

GER Committee: 5 vacancies

Assessment, Honors Board, Admissions, at least 3 on each committee.