ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting May 3, 2004

·     James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:05 pm.  Senators approved minutes of April 19, 2004, and Standing Committee minutes.

·     Loucky reminded the Senate that ALL Senators are to attend the May 17th meeting, at the close of which new Senators will be seated.  Senators interested in serving on the 2004-05 Executive Council should contact him as soon as possible.

·     Loucky reported substantial attendance at the General Faculty Assembly on collective bargaining hosted by the Senate, and conveyed the Executive Council's concern that material (FAQs) developed by Administration intervenes in a key faculty matter without involving the Senate.

 ·   Loucky invited faculty response to the recent report of campus planning and parking issues from the Vice President of Business and Finance.

·     President Morse reported a committee has been formed with 9 faculty (including 4 Senators) to consider possible waterfront expansion in light of the current strategic plan and potential campus and student impacts. 

·     Morse reported on her service on the national Council for Higher Education Accreditation and her push for maintaining university autonomy and peer review in accreditation rather than federal appraisal.  Morse also serves on the presidents’ council of NCAA-II and emphasizes the educational experience of athletes as primary.. 

·     Thomas Downing, Chair of the Academic Coordinating Commission, reported on the GUR program approved by ACC on April 27.

·     Senators approved the University Planning Council’s 2005-2006 Contingency Plan.

·     Senators passed several motions to revise the Faculty Handbook:  a) to ensure that faculty serve as Chairs of Committees, b) to create an ombuds position, and c) to revise tenure and promotion language. (Text below, in FAST and on the Senate website).

·     Senators moved to adjourn at 5:56 p.m.


Appointments and Elections Officer, Kristen Parris

Appointed to Senate Standing Committees (2-year terms, from Areas): 

Academic Coordinating CommissionThomas Downing, Philosophy, C; Robert Thorndike, Psychology, B; Linda Kimball, Anthropology, At-Large, Jeff Purdue, Library, I; Marie Eaton, Fairhaven  04-05).

University Planning CouncilBarbara Mathers-Schmidt, CommSci&Dis. B.

Senate Library CommitteeDonna Packer, Library


VACANCIES on Academic Coordinating Commission Standing Committees (2-yr terms):

(Please check Senate website for Areas, Charge)

Admissions Committee.  Three

           Assessment Committee.  Four

           General Education Requirements Committee. Eight, from all areas.

           Honors Board.  Two.

           International Programs Advisory Committee. Three.



The Faculty Senate moved to adopt the following new language to the Constitution (Faculty Handbook, Bylaw 7.6.1)  (A second vote will be taken after publication to the Faculty.)


Bylaw 7.6.1: The Ombuds

The Ombuds shall be a member of the faculty or an emeritus faculty recommended by the Executive Council and ratified by a majority of the Faculty Senate.  This appointment will be for a three-year term.  The Ombuds cannot be a member of the Standing Committee on Grievances and Sanctions.  The Ombuds is responsible for providing information about rights and procedures on all matters affecting faculty affairs and for providing assistance to the faculty in the resolution of complaints regarding tenure and promotion and those that could lead to a grievance.


The Ombuds will receive training relevant to her/his responsibilities.  The Ombuds will receive released time of .333 FTEF or equivalent release time from other duties to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office.  The Ombuds shall maintain the confidentiality of the complainant, respondent(s), and the specifics of all cases. The Ombuds shall provide a written report to the Faculty Senate on the number and outcome of cases he/she hears per quarter as well as on other activities undertaken. 


In the event that the Ombuds has a conflict of interest or has more than two concurruent grievances, the Faculty Senate Executive Council may appoint a deputy Ombuds to handle those cases. The deputy Ombuds will receive training relevant to his/her responsibilities. 


The Senate passed the following motion from the Executive Council:

BL.7.  Committees, Councils, and Commissions ((unchanged).  Add paragraph:

Chairs of Committees, Councils and Commissions of the Faculty Senate shall be members of the faculty of Western Washington University, unless approved by motion of the Executive Council.  Chairs shall be invited to the Executive Council on a quarterly basis and as circumstances require.







ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting April 19, 2004

·     James Loucky, Senate President, called the Faculty Senate to order at 4:06 pm.  Senators approved minutes of April 5, 2004, and Standing Committee minutes.

·     Loucky called for comments on tenure and promotion recommendations s well as professional leave policy, prior to these issues coming to the floor at the next meeting.

·     The Faculty Senate unanimously passed a joint resolution with Associated Students to support efforts to increase student voter participation and awareness of electoral issues.

·     The Senate heard Lara Mann, new bookstore manager, elaborate on plans to increase faculty partnership with the bookstore. 

·     President Morse reported the Board of Trustees endorsed a 2005 tuition rate increase for resident and non-resident undergraduates of 7% and graduates of 3%.

·     Morse reported Board approval of a 2% salary increase for faculty and exempt staff, along with six new faculty positions.  Morse has no bearing on salaries of classified staff who are currently represented in negotiations by their Unions.

·     Morse warned that unknowns surround the next biennium budget and invited faculty to participate in "luncheons with the President" to share their concerns.

·     Senators voted to approve a “Policy on Consulting and Other Compensated Professional Activities” to replace Section XXII.B. (page 17) of the Faculty Handbook. 

·     Senators moved to adjourn at 5:20 p.m.


Appointments and Elections Officer, Kristen Parris

·       All Senators (including those whose term ends in 2004) are to attend the May 17 Senate meeting, at the close of which new Senators will be seated and election of officers held.

·       Appointed to the Faculty Senate:  David Fewings, Finance & Marketing to replace TJ Olney.

·       Senators approved the 2004-2005 meeting calendar.

·       Faculty are urged to check the Senate website for area requirements and term lengths in order to volunteer for the following Standing Committee vacancies

Academic Coordinating Commission – 5 faculty (2-yr terms), 2 Senate reps (1 yr)

Academic Technology Committee – 5 faculty, 2-yr terms

University Planning Council – 4 faculty, 3-year terms, one Senate rep (1 yr)

Senate Legislative Committee – 1 faculty, 3-yr term

Senate Library Committee – 2 faculty, 3-year terms

Committee on Grievance & Sanctions,  5  faculty, 3-yr terms