ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting October 11, 2004

       Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called Senate to order at 4:06 pm.  Senators approved amended minutes of the September 27, 2004 meeting.  Senators approved Standing Committee minutes and pointed out that University Planning Council will host an October 27th discussion on how buildings are designed and classrooms determined, and how to improve the process.  Stewart encouraged Senator usage of email constituent groups to contact all faculty.  

       University President Karen Morse expressed thanks to those who had participated in her review.  Morse welcomed Dean Ron Kleinknecht who is chairing a committee to investigate a  possible Western presence on the waterfront.  Kleinknecht iterated 12 guidelines formulated to date, and asked for additional ideas to be forwarded to him.

       Provost Bodman explained the authorization of 14 new tenure track positions for which searches will be conducted in 04-05.

       Executive Council Motions:  Stewart announced faculty returns (150 for, 6 against) on a required vote to amend the Constitution, Article V, to include Chairs of the Academic Coordinating Commission and the University Planning Council on the Senate Executive.

       Senators passed for the second time a Bylaw change that disbanded the Senate Legislative Committee, and charged the Senate to elect its Faculty Legislative liaison (to Olympia). 

       Senators moved to a committee of the whole at 5:07 to discussed procedures by which the Senate could disseminate unbiased information from all sides on collective bargaining, particularly in response to faculty concerns. 

       Committee rose to report at 5:45.  Jim Stewart agreed to incorporate Senate suggestions and the Senate adjourned at 6:07 pm.


Appointments and Elections Jeff Newcomer, Officer

To Faculty Senate  Matthew Liao-Troth, 1 yr term

To Academic Technology Committee - Gary Bornzin, Fairhaven; Christopher Daley, Chemistry; Michael Grimes, Anthropology;  Bruce Hamilton, Music

To Grievance Committee Kristen Parris, Political Science

Committee Chairs:  Senate Library:  Sara Singleton, Political Science

Grievance:  Lorraine Kasprisin, Chair; Dan Warner, Vice Chair

Other University committees (3-yr terms) Faculty Development Grants: Midori Takagi

Student Judicial Appeals BoardSteve Garfinkle,  Shaw Gynan; Jennifer Devenport (alternate)

Student Academic Grievance:Charles Sylvester, Glen Tsunokai; Shaw Gynan (alternate)

VACANCIESGrievance (one 3-yr term)