ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting October 25, 2004

·       Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called Senate to order at 4:03 pm.  Senators approved minutes of October 11, 2004 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·       Stewart reminded Senators of the joint meeting of the University Planning Council with administrators on October 27th at 4 pm in OM340 regarding classroom assignments and building design.

·       Niall O Murchu announced that on Wednesday October 28th Bobbie Muller, Nobel Peace prize activist on landmines will speak in the PAC at 12 Noon.

·       University President Karen Morse announced the first Open Campus Forum regarding WWU’s potential involvement in the Bellingham Waterfront Renewal Project on Tuesday, October 26 at 4 pm in SL150.  Morse encouraged open participation from the campus.

·       Provost Bodman reviewed points drafted by committee to form a “Compact” with the State whose goals include access, accountability and efficiency.  Bodman emphasized that national competitiveness and affordability are key in negotiating Western’s compact goals which include stable funding, quality assurance and reduced regulation and reporting requirements.  University of Washington and Washington State University are also drafting compact prototypes.

·       John Purdy (Senate President 2002-2003) answered Senators’ questions on the latest draft of the Revised Faculty Grievance Procedure.  Purdy was instrumental in negotiating revisions with the Board of Trustees during his term. 

·       Senators continued discussion on the process of bringing information to faculty on all sides of the issue of collective bargaining, including reference to RCW 41.76.001 on enabling legislation.

·       The Senate adjourned at 5:59 pm.

Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

To Faculty Senate Committee on Grievance and Sanctions – Kathleen Young, Anthropology

Vacancies:  2 University Planning Council:  one 3-yr term, one Winter Qtr replacement.