ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting November 22, 2004

·     Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:06 pm.  Senators approved minutes of November 8, 2004 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·     Provost Bodman reviewed a compact prototype developed by his working group. The Senate urged caution, questioned the meaning of “performance measures”, urged greater mention of the value of a liberal arts education without reference to employment, and asked for faculty participation in the discussion with the Office of Financial Management.  Bodman referred to the draft as a “report card” on the university.

·     Senators urged the Academic’s Coordinating Commission to continue its review of the General Studies (GS) major to ensure a high quality degree, and commended Commissioners’ efforts thus far.

·     Senators heard an explanation of the assets of the Microsoft Exchange Server.   

·     Stewart described the timeline for the Revised Faculty Grievance Procedure which will be up for a vote of approval at the first and second January meetings of the Senate.  Stewart urged Senators to forward their concerns on the document to the Executive Council as soon as possible.

·     Senators passed a motion to ensure that faculty that Senate agendas and minutes are delivered to Faculty via web posting, email message, flyer, or FAST publication.

·     Stewart announced a General Faculty Assembly regarding unionization on December 6th in SL150 from 4 to 6 p.m.  Guests Sandra Christenson, of Eastern (which has unionized) will present an argument against the union, and Tony Flynn, Eastern, will present a counter- argument.  Prepared questions will be directed to the guests.  Faculty can forward their questions to the Executive Council.  Representatives from the Western faculty will also make a presentation.  There will be an earlier informal session.

·     Senators reviewed a draft of FAQs regarding unionization and pro and con responses.  The document will be available to faculty on the Senate website along with a threaded link for response.  Questions can also be emailed to an Outlook address entitled “Ask Q”.

·      Constituent ConcernsSenators asked how the Viking insignia was chosen; addressed concerns raised by changes to the Board of Trustees’ rules of operation, and the role of faculty in relationship to the Board; asked where and what kinds of protests are allowed on the campus, and who makes the rules regarding what is appropriate on Red Square; and questioned the lack of faculty attendance at Winter graduation.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

Appointments:  Nick Wonder, Finance, to University Planning Council, 1 qtr for Matt Roelofs.


University Planning Council, one, until Spring 2006

Faculty Development Grants, 2 nominees, one to be appointed (3-yr term)

Legislative Liaison, Fall 2005 – to attend 2 legislative meetings Winter Quarter as deputy liaison, and become Legislative Liaison Fall 2005.  Release time and travel available.