ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting September 27, 2004

·       Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called the first Fall Quarter meeting of the Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators approved minutes of the May 24, 2004 meeting, with an attached Senate Legislative Report, as well as Standing Committee minutes.  Stewart welcomed Rachel Zommick, President, Associated Students; Dean Stephanie Salzman, Woodring, Provost’s Council appointee.

·       University President Karen Morse expressed welcome and reported looking forward to working with the Senate in the coming year.  Morse referred Senators to FAST for her testimony before the HEC Board. Provost Bodman reported he has completed a yearly evaluation of Deans, Vice Provosts and others who report to him.

·       Following Bodman’s distribution of a report on allocation of retention and recruitment funds, the Senate passed a Motion to ask Salary and Welfare to bring forward a more consistent policy on future distributions in advance of funds availability.

·       Executive Council Motions:  Senators passed a Motion from the Executive Council that Chairs of Academic Coordinating Commission and the University Planning Council be included as non-voting members of the Senate Executive. A second Motion passed that disbanded the Senate Legislative Committee, and charged the Senate to elect its Faculty Legislative liaison (to Olympia). 

·       The Senate passed a Motion to charge the Salary and Welfare Committee to investigate the possibilities and implications of increasing summer pay. 

·       Senators heard an update on appointments to the Ad Hoc Committee on High Level Administrative Review, discussed classroom design issues and input from the Academic Technology Committee, heard a report of the latest correspondence with Vice President Pierce on parking concerns, and a constituent concern about the Library’s policies on borrowing limits and fines. 

·       Senators discussed procedures by which the Senate could disseminate unbiased information from all sides on collective bargaining, particularly in response to faculty concerns.  Past President James Loucky commended the Provost for expressing an intent to ensure an open atmosphere for discussion and diversity of opinion.  Please forward your questions on the topic to Jim Stewart so responses from both sides can be included in FAQ sheets.  The Senate will host forums where opposing views can be presented.

·       Senators moved to adjourn at 5:58 p.m.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

Vacancies:   Faculty Senate – 1 representative from CBE

Senate Standing CommitteesGrievance and Sanctions, 2 tenured

Academic Technology Committee, 2 from colleges (CST, and CHSS)

Other University committeesStudent Judicial Appeals Board - At least 2 faculty (3 yr terms)





On September 27, the Faculty Senate passed the following revisions to the Faculty Handbook (deletions struck-through, new material underlined)Changes to Articles of the Constitution must be voted on by the entire faculty.  Bylaws are voted on twice by the Faculty Senate.


(all faculty vote conducted)

Article V:  Executive Council (p.67)

V.1     Membership.  The Executive Council consists of the officers of the Faculty Senate, one Faculty Senate member, the Faculty Legislative Representative, as voting members; elected by the Senate Legislative Committee, the Chair of the Academic Coordinating Commission, the Chair of the University Planning Council, and the past President of the Faculty Senate as a non-voting members.



(notification to all Faculty)

BL7.2         Senate Legislative Committee Representatives (p. 70)

BL7.2.1     The Senate Legislative Committee shall consist… all struck-through until BL 7.2.3.

 BL7.2.3      BL7.2.1  In the Spring Quarter of each year one member of the Senate Legislative Committee shall be elected the Faculty Senate shall elect a Faculty Legislative Representative, and one member to the position of a Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative.

             The Faculty Legislative Representative shall have the special responsibility to represent the Faculty of Western Washington University in relations with the Legislature and individual legislators.  He or she shall be guided by policies approved by the Faculty Senate upon recommendation from the Legislative Committee Executive Council.  The Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative shall assist the Faculty Legislative Representative in his or her duties. 

             The Faculty Legislative Representative shall serve as a voting member of the Senate Executive Council.

             The Faculty Legislative Representative shall receive released time of 0.5 FTE for two quarters or equivalent release from other duties to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office.

BL7.2.4 BL7.2.2    The Faculty Legislative Representative, the Deputy Legislative Representative, and the President-elect of the Faculty Senate shall constitute the delegation of the Faculty of Western Washington University to the Council of Faculty Representatives.             

BL7.2.5 BL7.2.3    The Committee Executive Council represents the interests of the faculty before the state legislature, its committees, and individual legislators.   The Committee Executive Council, through the Faculty Legislative Representative will establish and maintain an effective rapport with selected legislators, their respective staffs, and the legislature as a whole.  The Committee Executive Council will monitor legislative issues of interest to Western and report to the Faculty Senate on its findings and recommendations.  In order to avoid duplication of effort, the Committee Faculty Legislative Representative will seek to coordinate his/her legislative activities with those of Western's administration and the Council of Faculty Representatives.

BL7.2.6     Struck-through to the end of BL7.