ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting January 24, 2005

·     Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:10 pm.  Senators approved minutes of January 10, 2005 and Standing Committee minutes. 

·     President Stewart welcomed Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, newly appointed Executive Director of the office of Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity.  In comments to the Seante Gunter-Schlesinger emphasized her interest in working with faculty on diversity and equity issues.

·     Stewart reported that Werner Brog is the guest on February 16 at 7 pm at the Whatcom County courthouse to report on Bellingham’s travel habits using non-auto modes. We were one of four U.S. cities chosen by the Federal Transit Administration for this pilot.

·     President Morse announced that Robert Frazier, University of Montana, will be arriving at Western by May 1st as the new Vice President for External Affairs. 

·     Morse reported on her continuing effort to promote faculty and staff salary increases to the legislature.  Legislative Liaison Todd Donovan reported that outgoing Governor Gary Locke’s budget proposed a 3.2% increase, but there is not yet a proposal from the new governor.

·     Provost Bodman seeks a process for securing faculty input on an update to the Strategic Plan prior to a 10-year accreditation review to take place in 2008. 

·     Senators will consider a motion from Executive Council to increase faculty advice to the campus technology structure.

·     Senators reviewed a draft report from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Review of High Level Administrators, as well as commentary from Provost Bodman.  Senators agreed that only one confidential process should occur that might include increased faculty review at shorter intervals.  President Stewart will continue to meet with administration on the issue.

·     Senators heard Bill Lyne report that the administration is challenging whether composition of the bargaining unit ought to include Chairs or faculty with as few as 1/6 time appointments.   Senators split 50-50 in a straw vote on whether the Senate should advise PERC to delay a union vote until a clear decision has been reached as to which faculty would comprise the bargaining unit.  Lyne will report to the faculty after meeting with stakeholders.

Senators voted to adjourn at 6:10 p.m.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer


Deputy Legislative Liaison, Fall 2005 – Sara Singleton, Political Science.

Faculty Senate:  Laurie Phelan, for Ramona Chauvin, Wtr Qtr

Sustainability Committee – Hart Hodges (1-yr term)


University Planning Council, term ending Spring 2006

Faculty Development Grants, 2 nominees, one to be appointed (3-yr term, tenured)

Parking Appeals Board, term ending Spring 2007