ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting March 7, 2005

·    Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:02 pm.  Senators approved minutes of February 7, 2005.

·     President Morse confirmed a bill is pending that ensures that branch campuses can offer four-year programs, and three Community Colleges can offer some upper degree programs, although funding issues remain.   Morse reported that OFM will be more involved during the process to certify “green” buildings.  Tuition increase discussions project that schools can go to 9% but would have to provide their own financial aid.  Morse added that the Finance Committee report will be out this week, and a budget is expected during Spring Break.

·     President Stewart reported that Jeff Newcomer will co-chair a Strategic Planning Committee with Provost Bodman and a slate of faculty and others. Volunteers please contact Jim Stewart.

·     Senators heard that Provost Bodman will issue a statement to address the definition of “casual faculty” and their union participation.  He will also address the two distinctly different interpretations of the role of Chair (traditionally as faculty), which is inadequately defined by a legislative statute that specifically excludes those who supervise other faculty from the bargaining unit (and at the same time limits faculty to only one bargaining unit).

·     Senators approved Standing Committee minutes and noted the following:  1)  Academic Technology Committee will enforce a new policy of “password hardening”;  2) University Planning Council describes the “Student Response System”, and UPC’s classroom design process was applauded.  Faculty are encouraged to provide feedback to UPC as building plans emerge; 3) Provost Bodman will bring forward a proposal on General Studies based on the work of the Academic Coordinating Commission.

·     Revised Faculty Grievance Procedure:  1)  Senators will forward any final amendments in writing to the Jim Stewart or Ira Hyman, prior to the first April meeting at which an up or down vote will be taken.   2)  Senators applauded fundamental changes in the pre-complaint resolution process, and will consider introductory language to emphasize its non-litigious good faith attempt to resolve disputes.  3) In several straw votes Senators concluded that legal representation should be allowed to both parties in the formal hearing, and will consider further whether a lawyer’s role should be limited to that of advisor. Senators may seek to limit the role of the university’s legal counsel and request assurance that a different attorney advises each one of the parties and the President to avoid conflict of interest.  

Senators voted to adjourn at 6:03 p.m.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

Faculty nominations are due in the Senate Office by Friday March 11.  This is your opportunity to learn more about University processes and to significantly affect outcomes.



Academic Coordinating Commission:  George Sanders, Accounting, Spring Quarter

Student Fee Committee (Budget Office):  David Fewings, Finance & Marketing