ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting April 4, 2005

·     Jim Stewart, 2004-2005 Senate President, called the Senate to order at 4:11 pm.  Senators approved minutes of March 7, 2005.  Senators asked for announcement of rights and responses if approached by government agents seeking information in light of the Patriot Act.  President Morse confirmed that no answers should be given, and the questioner should be referred to the Attorney General’s office.  Senators learned that a Whatcom librarian who had refused to turn over patron records from the Deming Library to the FBI had been awarded the prestigious Pen/Newman award for preserving First Amendment rights.

·     President Morse gave recognition and appreciation to David Patrick, Chemistry, who has mentored two student finalists in the renowned Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

·     Morse announced that the Senate budget was not as favorable as the Governor’s budget, but a House Budget due out Wednesday may maintain a 5% tuition increase without a portion mandated to provide financial aid.

·     Morse confirmed she will appoint the four faculty named by the Executive Council to the Strategic Planning Committee chaired by Provost Bodman and Jeff Newcomer.  Morse will also announce invitations this week to provide input into the Provost’s five-year review.

·     Provost Bodman reported he will have more information regarding the status of chairs as faculty for purposes of the bargaining unit at the April 18th meeting.  Bodman will also seek proposals on the imposition of a fee in order to fund library acquisitions.

·     Senators unanimously approved the 2006-2007 University Planning Council’s revised Contingency Plan for forwarding to the Board of Trustees.

·     MOTIONS FROM THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Senators approved the new Faculty Grievance Procedure which will replace the current Appendix E of the Faculty Handbook; 2)  Senators approved minor revisions to current Bylaw 7.6. Offices and Roles in the Grievance Procedure; 3)  Senators approved a new Bylaw 7.6.1 creating the position of the Ombuds.   A second vote will be held on the Bylaws before they are forwarded to the Board of Trustees.  Following the vote Senators agreed to further discuss the question of providing training for Executive Council members involved in grievance decisions.

·     Constituent Concerns: Senators asked: 1) if Banner could be the first to implement “password hardening”; 2) clarification and publication of the process for deciding on symbols used to represent Western, especially in athletics; 3) request for guidelines regarding departmental accreditation processes; 4) request for immediate communication when public safety is in question.   5)  Senators will consider handbook language regarding leave policy.

Senators voted to adjourn at 5:44 p.m.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

All Faculty are encouraged to return their Faculty Senate election ballots to the Senate office by Friday, April 8th.


University Planning Council:  Nicholas Wonder, through Spring 2006.