ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate Meeting May 23, 2005

·     Jim Stewart, President Pro Tem, at the first meeting of the 2005-06 Senate called the Roll Call at 4:09 pm.  Senators approved minutes of May 23, 2005 and Standing Committee minutes.

·     Stewart reported six candidates had applied for Ombuds, and the selection process would include sending the entire list of names to the Senate. The final candidate will seek Senate confirmation.

·     Stewart and President Bill Lyne attested that new faculty lines and faculty salaries are their number one priority while sitting on the Presidents’ Planning and Resource Council.

·     Morse thanked Stewart for the excellent way he had enhanced open dialog between faculty and administration during his tenure as Senate President.

·     Morse distributed an abstract of a bicycle utilization study from Vice President Pierce.

·     Morse explained the process used in evaluating administrators, as well as a university policy on the subject derived from WAC rules.  Wendy Bohlke, Assistant Attorney General at Western also explained to the Senate that an immunity is guaranteed only to those who are assigned or asked to review. 

·     Senators heard reports from the Chairs of Senate Standing Committees, which included commentary on grade inflation and GPA scaling, the anticipated FIGs report, alternatives to the current General Studies major, a review of peer institutions, building plan issues and classroom building criteria revisited, a revised contingency plan, password hardening and relationship to the Banner system, and suggestions for increasing revenue for library acquisitions. 

·     After Senators heard Jeff Newcomer and Provost Bodman report on the Strategic Action Planning Committee, they suggested a stronger focus on scholarship.

·     Senators passed a motion requesting the Senate to form an ad hoc committee to recommend a comprehensive campus pedestrian and bicycle safety plan, and to request public safety to enforce current bicycle dismount and safety policies, including skateboarding and roller blading prohibitions.  Senators will confer with the existing bicycle committee.

·     Senators adjourned for three minutes then moved to a Faculty Caucus at 5:30 pm.  Senators moved to adjourn at 6:14 pm to attend the President’s Dinner for the Senate held in SMATE.


Appointments and Elections – Jeff Newcomer, Officer

To the Faculty Senate:  David Meyer, Music, from Area D, through 2006

VacanciesAcademic Coordinating Commisson:  2 faculty from Huxley College and the College of Business and Economics.  Assessment Committee:  2 faculty