ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate January 22, 2007

Ira Hyman, 2006-07 Faculty Senate President, called the first Winter quarter meeting to order at 4:06 pm. Senators accepted the Senate minutes of November 13, 2006, and Standing committee minutes.  Hyman welcomed Tim Wynn, Director, Facilities Management.

§         Hyman reported on a response from David Brunnemer, Director, Disabilities Resources, that the numbers of students with disabilities has risen somewhat, although the classification process still requires a medical designation.

§         Hyman reported that Steve Henson and Kyle Crowder will help draft Faculty Handbook language based on the Senate’s recommendations.

§         President Morse reported on her lobbying efforts in Olympia to get Decision Packages funded.

§         Provost Bodman announced active search committees for the Dean of the College of Business and Economics and for the Vice Provost for Faculty Relations.  Dean Ghali will chair the search committee for a director for the International Center. 

§         Bodman and Morse reported that the AIC project will proceed at the new bid price.  Plans to use equipment and furnishings funds to meet the cost may necessitate a later supplemental request.

§         Tim Wynn heard compliments for the facilities staff for the early hours and a job well done during the recent snow days.  Senators made recommendations on snow removal processes.

§         Election Calendar:  Senators moved to approve the 2007-2008 Senate Election calendar (posted on  Senate website). 

§         Constituent Concerns.  Senators asked about and learned that an off-campus decision has been made to apply an annual inflationary factor to lab fees.

§         Senators adjourned at 5:46 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Matthew Liao-Troth, Officer

To:  Academic Coordinating Commission:  Dan Boxberger, Anthropology, thru 2008