ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate February 5, 2007

Ira Hyman, 2006-07 Faculty Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:03 pm. Senators accepted the Senate minutes of January 22, 2007 and Standing committee minutes.

§         Hyman reported that he has drafted changes to the Handbook’s Constitution of the Faculty for next meeting.

§         President Morse congratulated the Council of Faculty Representatives, and Sara Singleton, for their  excellent all-day presentation to state legislators on activities of faculty and students in higher education.

§         Morse reported she received endorsement from the Economic Development Council in Bellingham and the Whatcom County Council supporting WWU’s budget requests for further Waterfront planning.

§         Provost Bodman reported on HB1385, which would restrict information that could be included on recorded documents, and HB1091, promoting innovative partnership zones, as well as on searches currently underway.

§         United Faculty of Western President Bill Lyne reported that an initial bargaining contract had been forwarded to the administration for review.  Lyne reported on public policy issues supported by the faculty unions, including strengthening competitive salaries and increasing tenure track faculty; including faculty on higher education governing bodies; public tuition support for first generation college students; the need to attract the public’s attention to higher education issues in light of Washington’s rank as 49th in the nation in the percentage of eligible students attending 4-year college. Faculty are directed to WEA’s .

§         Senators will continue discussions emphasizing the key role that the Standing committees play in enabling faculty to have their say on curriculum, planning, funding, and other issues, and to “raise Cain” when necessary.

§         Constituent Concerns.  Senators noted that 1) ACC will ask the Senate for policy on “email meetings” and “online voting”; 2) we ought to offer greater support to local food vendors; 3) they would like to know more about the issue of preferred parking for assistant coaches.

§         Senators adjourned at 5:50 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Matthew Liao-Troth, Officer

Senators appointed faculty to the following committees through 2008:

University Planning Council:  Andrea Voorhees, Liberal Studies

Parking Appeals Board Steve Dillman, Engineering Technology

Academic Technology Committee: Mark Sherman, Computer Systems, English