ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate March 12, 2007

Ira Hyman, 2006-07 Faculty Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:03 pm. Senators accepted the Senate minutes of February 26th, and Standing committee minutes.

§         Hyman reported on previous constituent concerns:  1) he is pressing administration to urge a change in state policy so that faculty can get better travel arrangements;  2) the Registrar’s office will no longer allow its student employees to pre-register to test software.  Hyman reported that allowing pre-registration for students with certain types of disabilities is reasonable.

§         Provost Bodman anticipates a favorable House Budget package that aligns with the governor’s proposal by next week.  Bodman is lobbying with key people on a variety of decision packages.

§         UFWS President Bill Lyne reported that the first bargaining meeting with administration will take place on the 21st.

§         The Senate unanimously passed  a Motion from the Senate Executive Council that revised language in Articles I through VI of the Constitution.  Revisions will be made available for a faculty vote prior to approval by the Board of Trustees. 

§         Senators’ constituent concerns asked: 1) Do term limits for the Senate affect term limits on subcommittees? 2) Can the branch post office in Viking Union provide a scale and automatic stamp dispenser for after hour use? 3) Can a postal drop box be provided at the South End of campus?

§         Following a report from the representative on the Fees Committee Senators discussed variable lab fees, faculty grants accounts surpluses and a possible fee increase in the dance department. 

§         Senators requested clarity, transparency and timeliness around the topic of spousal accommodation and hope to make handbook language more explicit in conjunction with union negotiations.

§         Senators met in a faculty caucus at 5:19 p.m. and adjourned at 5:59 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Matthew Liao-Troth, Officer

Senate Elections:  Vacancies and faculty candidates for the 2007-2009 Senate (additional nominees sought in every area by the March 19th deadline):

Area A-Natural Sciences (4); Chris Suczek, Geology.  Need 3

Area B-Social Sciences (3): Ron Helms, Sociology; Need 2

Area C-Humanities (4): Kathryn Vulic, English; Andrea Gogrof-Voorhees, Liberal Studies.  Need 2

Area D (1); __

Area E (1): David Fewings, Finance;

Area F (1): Dan Larner, Fairhaven;

Area H (1): Chuck Lambert, Special Education; Tracy Coskie; Special Education

 Appointments:  To Faculty Senate:  Matthew Liao-Troth, replacing Steve Henson, thru 2008.