ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate April 9, 2007

Ira Hyman, 2006-07 Faculty Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:05 pm. Senators accepted the Senate minutes of March 12th, and Standing committee minutes.

§         Hyman reminded faculty that the next Senate meetings would take place on April 23 and May 7.  At the final meeting on May 21st the new Senate will be seated, followed by the President’s dinner. 

§         Senators are reminded that faculty are needed to serve on Standing committees.

§         Hyman confirmed that the faculty vote on the Constitution was strongly affirmative.

§         Provost Bodman reported 37 positive tenure and promotion actions out of 39, and noted that documentation had improved over time.  Bodman reported on current searches.

§         Provost Bodman reported that the Washington Senate budget removes flexibility from local institutions in allocating faculty salary increases from tuition revenue, and that this is a serious departure from tradition.

§         UFWW President Bill Lyne echoed Bodman’s view and reported that the unions are united against the potentially negative consequences of the Senate budget.

§         The Faculty Senate unanimously passed a motion to approve an Online Voting Policy forwarded from the Academic Coordinating Commission.  The policy allows online approval of minutes only when there is a question of time pressure.  Online meetings are discouraged.

§         Senators discussed revisions to the charges of Senate Standing Committees with the intention of ensuring faculty perspectives are provided as guidance to administration and staff.

§         Constituent Concerns:  Senators asked that teaching evaluations posted online by the Testing Center provide comprehensive information about the meaning of the quantitative scores.

§         Senators adjourned at 5:55 p.m.


APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Matthew Liao-Troth, Officer

Senate Elections (vote closes Friday, April 13th) Additional nominees:

Area A-Natural Sciences:  Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry, Nicole Larson, Engineering Technology,

Chris Reedy, Computer Science.  Area B-Social Sciences: Ron Helms, Sociology; Lawrence Symons, Psychology; Mick Cunningham, Sociology.  Area C-Humanities: William Lyne, English; Thomas Downing, Philosophy

Appointments:  To Faculty Senate:  Rich Brown, Theater, replacing Deb Currier thru 2008.