ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate May 7, 2007

Ira Hyman, 2006-07 Faculty Senate President, called the Senate meeting to order at 4:02 pm following Orientation for new Senators who were invited to attend. Senators accepted Senate minutes of April 23rd and Standing committee minutes. 

§    Hyman reminded Senators that the 2007-2008 Faculty Senate would be seated on May 21st and would elect its officers and hear reports from Standing Committee Chairs.  Faculty no longer serving on the Senate need not attend, but are expected at the President’s Dinner to follow at 6:15 in the Solarium. 

§    Hyman welcomed Sara Singleton, Faculty Legislative Liaison, who reported 1) that the newly refashioned Higher Education Coordinating Board may include faculty perspective; 2) that textbook legislation requires publishers to disclose textbook prices to faculty; and 3) the Senate is encouraged to formalize a process of having constituents write regular letters to legislators requesting support for Higher Education.

§    President Morse and the Senate applauded and thanked Singleton for her fine work as legislative liaison and her collaborative work with administration on the legislative budget.

§    Provost Bodman anticipates updating the Senate regularly on a proposed Task Force formed with Vice President Coughlin to review challenges to student access to courses.

§    Executive Council Motion:  Senators passed a motion to approve the revised Academic Dishonesty Policy, Appendix D, Part 3, of the Catalog, which creates an Academic Honesty Board to hear a student’s appeal to a charge of academic dishonesty.  The policy was forwarded from the Academic Coordinating Commission. 

§    Constituent Concerns:  1) What catalog policy applies in the case of a student from more than 20 years ago who now wishes to complete a degree?  (Referred to the ACC)

Senators adjourned at 5:45 p.m.



APPOINTMENTS AND ELECTIONS – Matthew Liao-Troth, Officer

Liao-Troth reported on vacancies on the Standing Committee, noting that some departments have not had a representative on the Senate or Standing Committees in quite some time.

Vacancies:  ACADEMIC HONESTY BOARD;  6 faculty (1 faculty and 2 students per case to be drawn from the pool)

Faculty Development Grants, 4 faculty candidates

Senate Library Committee:  3, one from the Library

Committee on Grievance and Sanctions:  2 faculty, tenured

Academic Technology Committee:  6 faculty, all areas


Academic Coordinating Commission – check “Memberships” on Senate website for terms ending 2007.  Vacancies on General Education Requirements Committee, Admissions Committee, Honors Board (1 vacancy).