ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate October 1, 2007

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:00 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of May 7, 2007 and Standing committee minutes, and welcomed Provost Dennis Murphy and new Vice Provost for Faculty Relations, Rhonda Allen.

    Newcomer acknowledged the contributions of Professor Ken Hoover who passed away this summer.  Newcomer acknowledged research, teaching and diversity award recipients including Todd Donovan, Leo Bodensteiner, Kristen Larson, and Tom Nerini.  Newcomer encouraged faculty to attend and speak at Convocation.

    President Morse announced she would not be involved in the search for her replacement.  The Board has known about her retirement for two years, and invites faculty to serve on the search committee. Morse reported the supplemental budget requests funding for math and science teacher preparation and for retention and recruitment funds.

    Senators called for faculty response to a new Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB) draft master plan (on Senate website), and to hearings to be held around the State.

    UFWW President Bill Lyne reported that legislators are not aware that faculty are among the most reviewed personnel in the State, and that many legislative suggestions are initiatives already well underway on university campuses.  Lyne is working for greater faculty participation in decision-making.

    The Senate unanimously passed a motion charging its four standing committees to review positive and negative aspects of the draft committee charges it is forwarding to them.

    Vice President George Pierce and Safety Director Gayle Shipley presented details of a supplemental budget proposal which include card-key access to computer labs and three campus police to provide 24/7 protection and local training.  Senators requested further campus discussion.

    Kris Bulcroft and Brenda Miller heard Senators request an accurate assessment of challenges the university faces in the accreditation self-study which will be open to campus evaluation for the month of October.

Senators adjourned at 6:06 p.m.


Appointments & Elections Mick Cunningham, Officer

Senators appointed the following:

To Academic Technology Committee:   Bob Thomas, Library, 2007-2009; Mark Sherman, English, 1-year term, thru 2008.

To Academic Coordinating Commission:  Diana Wright, History, Fall Qtr, replacing Leonard Helfgott (teaching conflict). 

Announcements:   Vacancies:   Emergency Management. 2 faculty.

 Appointed toCampus Dining Committee: Nancy Johnson, English;   to  Executive Dining Committee:  Victor Nolet, Woodring College