ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate October 15, 2007

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:01 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of October 1, 2007 and Standing committee minutes.

§    Newcomer reported on: a) the Board of Trustees’ plans for the presidential search; b) supplemental budget requests which include funds to purchase 12 acres of land at the Waterfront; c)  a Higher Education Coordinating Board meeting to be held Tuesday, October 23 at 4:30 at Quality Inn off Guide Meridian.  Faculty are invited to provide feedback on the HECB draft strategic master plan (check Senate website); d) the annual Faculty Serving Washington session for legislators in Olympia will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd, for which there is some travel reimbursement for faculty to present projects.  Faculty interested in participating should contact Jeff Newcomer or John Purdy.  

§    Morse announced that a forum on the Waterfront will take place November 1st at 4 pm in Communications.  The Board will be presented with development models and will review examples of projects in Portland and Mission Bay, San Francisco.  A Senator asked how to bring forward ideas for the Waterfront such as an Opera House for Bellingham.  Morse suggested that additional Waterfront proposals may be accepted in the future to add to planning possibilities.

§    UFWW President Bill Lyne requested that faculty nominations for a vacancy on the Union’s Executive Board be sent to Steve Garfinkle or himself. 

§    The Senate unanimously passed a motion to appoint an ad hoc committee to determine how the Faculty Senate can best support faculty diversity.  The committee is to report back to the Senate by the end of Winter Quarter 2008.

§    Senators discussed drafts of an Appointments of Opportunity Policy and Procedures for Dual Career Assistance prior to review by the University’s Executive Policy Group.

§    Additionally, Senators discussed the numbers of tenure track positions funded, and approved a flier that advertises the Ombuds position.

Senators adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


Appointments & Elections – Mick Cunningham, Officer

Senators appointed the following:

For Roger Thompson on the following dates:

To FacultySenate Oct. 15 and 29:  Amanda Eurich, History

To Academic Coordinating Commission & Executive, Oct. 23, Nov.6: LouisTruschel, History,

To Emergency Management Committee:   David Meyer, Music 2007-09