ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate January 28, 2008

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:06 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of January 14, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes.  

§    Senators heard Newcomer ask for comments on Executive policy group proposals that will change travel reimbursement and allow biking in certain core areas and skateboarding for travel purposes.

§    Newcomer responded to a constituent concern that prerequisite checking is allowed on individual courses, but faculty should make sure that all the variations to a prerequisite course are included.

§    Provost Murphy reported that a bill on the proposed “campus compact”, which includes Western as a pilot participant, is making headway in the legislature, but that the security portion of the capital budget may not be fully funded

§    Bill Lyne, UFWW President, announced that the meeting on January 31st at 4 pm would take place in Arntzen 100, not in Old Main Theater as originally planned, due to a larger than expected turnout.

§    Senators complemented Robert Perks on his excellent management of the bookstore.  Perks responded to Senators concerns on current ordering and return practices, pricing, and freight charges, and noted that there is no reason the bookstore would not honor a request, including requests for older editions of books. Perks added that he is available to visit departments to answer additional questions. 

§    Executive Council Motion: Senators passed a motion approving POL-U1600.01 Requesting an Appointment of Opportunity, which outlines conditions for waiving departmental search requirements under limited and specific conditions. 

§    Senators passed a motion, forwarded from the Academic Coordinating Commission, which amends the Academic Honesty Policy to allow for Deans’ participation in the appeal process. 

§    Senators discussed the list of legislative bills (can be found at http://www.leg.wa.gov/legislature) sent by John Purdy, Legislative Liaison.  A proposal for common course numbering of general education courses throughout the State, and the site location of the UW – North Puget Sound campus are among the topics. 

§    Senators discussed the procedure for requesting a dual career assistance appointment of opportunity.

§    Constituent Concerns included a request that the inclement weather phone line accommodate evening student requests about closure.

§    Senators adjourned at 6:00 p.m.



Senators unanimously passed a motion to approve the 2008 Senate Elections calendar.

Senators appointed faculty to the following: 

Faculty Senate:  David Gilbertson, Accounting, for MaryAnn Reynolds

Catalog Work Group:  Mary Ann Hendryson,  Economics; Peggy Watt, Journalism. 

Commencement Work Group: Matt Roelofs, Economics;  Jeanne Freeman, PEHR;

               Ira Hyman, Psychology 

Bookstore Search Committee:  Brandon Dupont, Economics