ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate February 11, 2008

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:06 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of January 28, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

§    Newcomer congratulated President Morse who was honored  by the State Senate for her service.  The House will honor Morse on March 4th, and faculty are encouraged to be present.

§    Newcomer reported that SB6893 promoting intellectual diversity did not get a hearing.  John Purdy, Legislative Liaison, reported that the Council of Faculty Representatives plans to put forward a statement of principles if the bill materializes next year. 

§    In other matters Newcomer reported that: 1) the accreditation self-study report should be available on line by February 20th;  2) the Board approved the next steps in the Presidential search; 3) an open forum is scheduled in March to present various models of Waterfront development the Board might consider in conjunction with the Port and the City; and 4) comments regarding the University Advisory Committee’s recent discussion about the future of the bike lane on East College Way should be addressed to Gayle Shipley, Environment Health and Safety Director.

§    President Morse reported that some programs may have to go back to the drawing board if there is a drop in the economic forecast which is due out this week. 

§    Morse reported on continued debate over the proposed site of the University of Washington North Puget Sound campus. 

§    Bill Lyne, UFWW President, announced that a mediator from PERC will be present at this week’s negotiations with additional meetings scheduled for February 27th and 28th.

§    Senators reviewed and commented on POL-U1600.02, On Responding to Campus Violence or Threats of Violence, with Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, Executive Director Equal Opportunity.  President Morse offered additional information on Western’s extensive emergency response plan.

§    Senators discussed a modification to the charge for the Academic Technology Committee (ATC).

§    Senators asked for data about numbers of requests for Dual Career Assistance (DCA) appointments of opportunity that are made each year and reviewed a chart and text clarifying DCA procedure.

§    Senators agreed to email constituent concerns to the Senate President, then moved to a caucus at 5:45 prior to adjournment at 6:17 p.m.


Senators appointed faculty to the following: 

Faculty Senate:  Diane Johnson, Modern & Classical Languages, for Joan Hoffman