ABSTRACT of Faculty Senate March 10, 2008

Jeff Newcomer, 2007-08 Senate President called the Senate to order at 4:02 pm. Senators accepted Senate minutes of February 25, 2008 and Standing Committee minutes. 

§    Newcomer reported that 1) Gayle Shipley, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, is preparing a report regarding the bike lane on East Campus Way along with recommendations which will be forwarded to George Pierce; 2) that Business and Financial Affairs is preparing a list for Newcomer of BFA policies that were enacted last year prior to the formation of the Policy Committee.

§    Newcomer reported on legislative bills making it to the Governor’s desk at the session’s conclusion:   1) HB 2582 - student childcare, 2) HB 2641 - performance agreements; 3) HB 2783 - transfer & articulation without common course numbers; 4) HB 2962 - student unions relating to graduate students at WSU; and 5) SB 6328 - campus safety.  SB 6295 workplace e-learning still needs legislative reconciliation.

§    Newcomer announced that newly appointed police chief Randy Stegmeier would pay the Senate a welcoming visit next meeting.

§    Provost Murphy announced that training for chairs and administrative assistants is on a prioritized list resulting from topics at the recent Academic Leadership Conference. Murphy added that the final Accreditation report is now available.

§    Senators asked for a more clearly defined “phased move” to the new Academic Instructional Center which may be completed in stages at the end of 2008 and through 2009.  

§    Bill Lyne, UFWW President, reported that the Union and Administration, with Mediator Claire Nickleberry of the Employee Relations Commission, are conducting negotiating efforts all day Tuesday and Wednesday this week, with four other days scheduled during Spring break, and early April. Senators noted the scheduling constraints that will coincide with the accreditation visit, and requested an interim provision between the bargaining parties to allow the immediate 3.2% salary increase allocated by the legislature.  Newcomer pointed to RCW 41.76 to answer questions regarding final outcomes. 

§    RESOLUTION.  Senators expressed extensive support from their constituents prior to unanimously passing the following resolution: The Faculty Senate of Western Washington University supports the United Faculty of Western Washington's positions on wages, workload, grievance and arbitration, hiring limited-term faculty, and the existence of the Faculty Senate, as outlined at the all-faculty meeting of January 31, 2008”.

§    Senators proposed additional edits to the draft Appointments of Opportunity policy.

§    David Meyer reminded Senators that over 100 students with faculty would be performing in the opera “Ballad of Baby Doe” on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Adjourned at 5:36 pm.



The following faculty are candidates for the 2008-2010 Faculty Senate from their Area:

A:  Roger Anderson, Biology

B:  Robert Marshall, Anthropology

C:  Scott Pearce, Liberal Studies; Karen Stout, Communication;  Diana Wright, History

D:  David Meyer, Music

E:   David Gilbertson, Accounting, Mark Springer, Decision Sciences

H:   Chuck Lambert, Special Education

I:   Stefanie Buck, Libraries; Cecilia Poon, Libraries

Additional faculty are needed from Natural Sciences (1), Fine and Performing Arts (1), Huxley College (1), and Woodring College (1).  Following Senators’ recommendations, all nominees will be posted immediately on the Senate website at http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu.  Faculty may continue to nominate colleagues until ballots are prepared (first week of spring quarter).